Hands up if you love American TV? We do!


Lately we’ve been majorly crushing on the new American TV show, 2 Broke Girl$. The pitch is rather simple: two ladies down on their luck are forced to find friendship in a hopeless place – or a diner in the district of Williamsburg, Brooklyn to be exact! Polar opposites bar their mutual penniless pockets, the pair move in together and set up plans to start their own cupcake business…

2 Broke Girls s1 Beth 02_595_watermark

Introducing Caroline (the blonde) – born rich but recently disgraced after her father is sent behind bars; the family are left dispossessed of all their goods and as a result, Caroline is forced to wave goodbye to her former luxurious lifestyle.


Next we meet Max (the brunette), whose disadvantaged upbringing has made her quite the expert when it comes to extreme survival techniques in the face of poverty.

Focusing on the clash of their two cultures, the characters manage nevertheless to start their cupcake business venture to humourous effect.


And the secondary characters are just as delectable as Max and Caroline (and their cupcakes). From Han Lee the pint-sized owner and manager of the diner with an obsession for ‘hipsters’, Oleg the slightly perverse Ukrainian cook, Earl the 75-year-old cashier and beloved of Max, and not forgetting Sophie, the girls’ Polish neighbour with Cougar-like tendencies.


Short and sassy, the show is exactly what we need to lift our moods and enjoy a girly night of entertainment – in other words, it’s the perfect pyjama party show!