We’ve been a little distracted here at Topshop HQ – finding inspiration in the form of beautiful boys, all from our favourite menswear shows and editorials.

It was a difficult task but we’ve selected our top 5 rising stars, ready to hit the fashion scene. Happy reading!

Arthur Gosse: This pretty Belgian face is about as delightful as a juicy waffle if we do say so ourselves! Walking for just about every designer at the last men’s fashion week, he can now be seen gracing the cover of the last issue of Hero magazine, sporting a bulky double nose ring and Givenchy jacket, looking ever so slightly inconvenienced by the sun! He is also the face of Alexander McQueen’s AW12 campaign.


Victor Nylander: In the past few months, this 20 year old Danish beauty has appeared in all the trendiest magazines. From Vogue Homme Japan and Hero to Dansk, 10 Men and Love magazine he’s offically scored big time in the eyes of the most powerful editors. His first model job was to walk for our NEWGEN designer and future collaborator, JW Anderson in London just about 2 weeks after being spotted. What can we say… destiny must have put this young man our way.

Simone Nobili: How to put this… We saw Simone crying, yes crying, in the June issue of Dust magazine and our heart melted instantly into a tiny piece of soft butter. Yours will too when you see those puppy-dog hazelnut eyes and cute little chin dimple. Where can you find him? As the new face of Givenchy menswear and looking gorgeous in a tiaras in Vogue Homme International.

Miles McMillan: Miles McMillan is probably the hidden son of Heath Ledger, or maybe his brother, or his cousin? Anyway he looks so much like the actor, it’s uncanny. This long raven-haired Adonis was previously a painter and sculptor in South Carolina before being convinced by his friends to try modelling. Now rumour has it, our very own Alexa Chung has a crush on foxy Miles… she’s not alone!

Sebastien Sauve: Pout? Did you say pout? Who are we kidding – this boy owns THE pout, giving Lindsey Wixon some serious lip competition. US-born Sebastien is now based in the UK, which might explain why he tells everyone that his favourite grooming product is Tesco Value’s 13p shampoo! And just another funny fact regarding this beautiful boy – almost everyone misspells his surname as “suave” but indeed, no-one is suave like Sauve!

Watch this space to see the rise (and shine) of the new male faces. Who do you think should win the Olympics of hotness!