As one of London Fashion Week’s biggest sponsors, we always have our own Showspace for the style set visiting London. For SS13 it’s Bloomsbury’s historic Bedford Square which boasts Georgian architecture, sweeping paths and dreamy gardens!

Not only will we be showing our very own Topshop Unique collection there (pop Sunday 16th, 3pm GMT in your diary and join us on Topshop.com for a fashion first) but we’ll also be hosting the NEWGEN designers’ shows we’re sponsoring as well as some of London’s hottest designers’ shows.

It’s not just the beauty of the place that has got us excited; when we delved into the square’s history we found a rich and exciting past that included some very intriguing occupants! Now we just can’t wait to add the eye-catching street style, teetering heels and blacked-out cars into the mix.

Here are some of our favourite Bedford Square factual tid-bits…

It’s got girl power

Elizabeth Jesser Reid founded the UK’s first ever women-only higher education institution, Bedford College at the very same Bedford Square. This impressive woman also took part in the controversial World Anti-Slavery Convention in 1840 and continued her generous philanthropic work until her death.

It’s arty

The legendary Sotheby’s chose Bedford Square as one of the iconic auction house’s London bases. Sotheby’s has seen the likes of Dante’s original Divine Comedy to Margaret Thatcher’s gowns change hands for ridiculous sums of money and Bedford Square’s Sotheby’s Institute of Art brings art history to it’s lucky undergraduates.

It’s got history

The British Museum sits right next door! If we get a spare hour or two, we’ll be popping over to check out Shakespeare’s Staging the World or marvel over its standing collection of artefacts from Rome’s iconic Pantheon.

It’s got power across the pond

The very prestigious New York University chose Bedford Square as its London home, offering its American students a rather lovely place to study and work when in the big smoke.

It’s literary

Royal Holloway’s mighty impressive creative writing course – that has seen the likes of young authors on the rise, Liza Klaussmann and Saskia Sarginson, take part – is taught in Bedford Square alongside the mega-publishing house Bloomsbury that published the little known Harry Potter series. Let’s not forget the square is a few minutes walk from the home of the Bloomsbury Group that included the legendary likes to Virginia Woolf, Clive Bell and E. M. Forster.

It’s got a secret dining room

The Architectural Association’s School of Architecture is probably the last place you’d look to for a slap-up meal in central London. But past the offices and the exhibitions there’s a delicious and bargain-priced dining room. We know where we’ll be heading mid fashion week madness!

It’s business minded

In 2010 a house was used as the contestants’ house in series of The Apprentice. Awesome.

It’s eccentric

Since 2005 Bedford Square has hosted the Chap Olympiad in which well-mannered gentlemen spend a weekend participating in themed sporting events. Dedicated to classic London eccentricity some of the games include iron board surfing, umbrella jousting and pipeathalon! Where do we sign up?

Now we just can’t wait for the fashion fest to begin! If you’re following us on  Twitter make sure you look out for #Topshop to see how the Unique collection is coming along and if you’re on Instagram, don’t forget to follow us @Topshop.