We’re all agreed: we love scrolling through blogs and online magazines, letting our eyes wander over eye-candy looks, designer discoveries and inspiring DIYs.

But here at Topshop HQ we also love discovering blogs and websites that emerge way off the beaten track; discovering the craziest locos ahead of the trends, extravagant over the top looks or fashion-turned-ridicule satires. That said, we thought it was about time we shared our findings:

Our heart first set its thirst for bizarre internet novelties on La Gazette Du Mauvais Gout (literally meaning “the newspaper of bad taste” in English). Its founder and main writer, Frenchwoman Dora Moutot, a fresh graduate from the Fashion Communication and Promotion section of Central Saint Martins, has been filing her most out-there internet discoveries since the holy Myspace era. From incredible half-shaved fringe hair trends to the new, surfacing wave of real doll-like girls, not to mention the appearance of the weird ‘face-kinis’, they’ve all been trapped in Dora’s cyber net. And the design is as eccentric as Dora’s finds: think rainbow backgrounds and kitschy gifs galore. Check it on a weekly basis and you really will come out quirkier and wiser!

Dressing up is what William loves to do most. This young designer from New York doesn’t dress for fashion but just to have fun and enjoy himself like the big kid that he is. Both adorned as a man and woman, his blog isn’t your common “check-out-my-outfit” type blog. It’s a journey into NYC’s crazy nightlife with party outfits straight from the young creative/transvestite scene. Juggling Timberland homemade platforms, tie-dye t-shirts, camo baggy trousers and an orange furry jacket, his looks are absolutely bonkers-awesom, leaving us wanting more everytime. We strongly recommend that you check out his collection too . Made from Japanese anime babe-printed fabric, it’s pretty darn cool.

DIS Magazine is not issue-based: although issues are raised. These include distaste, dystopia, evolved lifestyles, new style options, disco, dysmorphia, and innumerable others,” reads the About section of the incredible dis-fashion catalogue website aka. DIS Magazine. The eclectic team composed of artists, designers and stylists point out the incongruities of the fashion industry, chasing default details and mocking the trend tribes and all its incongruous codes. From an “eco-friendly” satire accessory collection of grass-made piercings to a photoshoot picturing 5th avenue rich ladies in outrageous furs,  you’ll enjoy the fashion-sour vision of the DIS team.

Miss Fitz blog is called “Color and chaos” and that’s exactly what it is: a merry chaos of colour. This Australian born, New York based stylist is as furiously colourful as it can possibly get. Clashing prints and neon colours with a flood of baroque 80’s jewellery, we’re pretty sure she’s the hidden child of MC Hammer and Kate Bush. When it comes to fashion Ms Fitz is scared of absolutely NOTHING. Drawing a mono-brow on her face, wearing a bag as a hat or going out in an American-Flag printed burqa, she throws all caution out the window. With her daring style choices, she’s been nominated as one of the most stylish New Yorkers by Time Out magazine. Not only is she a stylist but she also designs accessories, DJ’s and gives dance performances. Is there anything at all that Ms Fitz can’t do?

Witty, ironic, mean, and absolutely hilarious, this tumblr ironically called I hurt I’m in fashion, succeeds through a simple process: juxtaposing over-the-top fashion editorial pictures with sarcastic short text. And it works wonders: Jalouse, a magazine whose editorials the blog parodies the most, actually started to print their favourite spoof at the end of each issue, propelling the blog to international acclaim. Simply genius and very funny: a must-read of the web.