Now, we all know designers Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff, of Meadham Kirchhoff fame, like to make a grand statement when it comes to their shows. It’s one of the design duo’s signature stunts and this year was absolutely no exception. As you can imagine, for shows of such impressive scale the production and backstage antics are appropriately complex and beautifully extravagant!

Whilst the models were out perfecting the show’s run-through (as usual the boys skewed the standardized version of an every-day walk and had the models pulling out flowers and eating cupcakes along runway) hair stylist James Pecis divulged the reasons behind the hair. “Cherubs! That and the Renaissance,” said James who we might add was once the hair stylist for an entire issue of Paris Vogue. “We pulled the top up tight in plaits and replaced it with small cute curls and stitched them together with elastic thread.”

The cherubim inspiration carried on through for beauty with make-up artist Florrie White creating a radiant and a pretty as a princess look. Instead of an excessive make-up palette Florrie stuck to a simple base with peachy-pink blush to highlight cheeks and temples, little eye make-up and feathered brows drawn on for dramatic effect. Catching our eye was the delicate diamantés carefully placed on necks, temples and down models’ backs like elegant beauty spots, hardly noticed from afar but flashed bright when passing on the catwalk. As expected with the ‘more is more’ Meadham attitude, the full look encompassed nails and all the girls were working heavily-encrusted crystal designs in purple, yellow and blue.

Other behind the scenes attention was paid to the headpieces covered in fresh flowers, berries and white inflorescences that had to be delicately pinned on to the girls’ heads. Other last minute touches were the backstage team burning ribbons to give them a scorched effect as well as copious amounts of bows which were being fitted to the models’ hair and dresses. Needless to say this was a show with massive attention to detail, and one that will surely have the fashion elite talking for a long time after! As Benjamin and Edward told us, it was all about “beauty and excess.”

Want to re-live the live experience? Watch Meadham Kirchhoff’s show again.