We must admit, we were a little starstruck on getting backstage for Louise Gray‘s SS13 collection. Not only was Louise Gray herself rushing around in all her done-up fabulousness but legendary hairdresser Sam McKnight —the original ‘session’ stylist— was getting his hands covered in hair spray and personally overseeing each of the girls locks and milliner extraordinaire Stephen Jones was keeping a watchful eye on his queenly head pieces.

Amidst the chaos, we managed to get a quick five minutes with Sam McKnight to divulge his reasoning behind the mad, back-combed looks. “Louise’s collection was inspired by a ’50s German photographer. It’s very rockabilly, very punk and there’s element’s of ’80s LA too,” said McKnight, “so we wanted it to be formed by those ideas but with a modern twist. It’s messed up with lots of back combing and lots of hair spray!” Sat atop the wild beehives was the pièce de résistance: Stephen Jones’ metal, mirror-like, cut out headwear. Jones was individually pinning and tying up the epic accessories to ensure they stayed put whilst being stomped down the catwalk. Along with Gray’s shoulder-length mirrored earrings (made by the wonderful Tatty Devine), we were impressed that the models managed to keep their heads up!

As for the make-up, James O’Riley at Premier created a look that was bursting with Louise Gray’s signature mix of fun, pop and playfulness. Each eyebrow was made pale and re drawn over with a miniature crown penciled on each brow, a crayon-on beauty-spot was placed Marilyn Monroe-style and an orange gloss was spread right over the lip-line.

Big, bright and beautiful. There’s no question Louise Gray is anything but shy!