What… Claire Barrow, the 22-year old Westminster graduate making headway with her leather-centered designs.

Where… 50 St James St.

Who… Elle Fashion Director Anne-Marie Curtis and Guardian Fashion Editor Jess Cartner-Morley (whose little girl got up close and personal with the models).

The collection in 5 words… Hackney’s disenchanted youth gets drunk.

What we loved… The original use of fabrics:  one dress was made from greaseproof paper and a pair of earrings from cardboard and yet it still managed to look awesome. “It’s inspired by alcohol labels and  the bland generation,” said Claire, although there was nothing bland about her handcrafted charms and hand painted leather jackets – the models oozed that laid-back, couldn’t-care-less attitude that we would all love to emulate.

Hero piece… We particularly liked the ’50s style cropped jacket with a bold silver zip covered in ghoulish illustrations by Claire herself and embroidered by Hawthorne and Heaney.

Hair loving… Strong side partings with a glossy finish and a gentle curl, nodding once more to a rockabilly vibe.

Beauty notes… LIPS. Scarlet red or pale purple: bold and pursed.

Inspired by… Bourbon, Tequila, Martini, Absinthe and Gin.


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