For years, the now style stars of Fashion Week existed in the shadow of anonymity, known only by the insiders of the very closed doors of the industry. But ever since the emergence of street style blogs, the stylists, editors, buyers and journalists attending Fashion Week have become icons as big as the models and designers covering the glossy pages of all our favourite magazines.

Some of them are assistants, fashion interns or students but their flair for experimentation has helped them stand out in the middle of an already very stylish crowd. Each season has a new style star and SS13’s was pink-haired CSM student Hannah Lambert who also happens to be renowned fashion journalist Sarah Mower’s assistant. She was snapped by photographer and street style blogger Candice Lake laughing, braces on show, wearing a vintage Moschino skirt, vintage Gun’s n Roses t-shirt and a bright orange and green Prada stole. Immediately the picture went viral thanks to Hannah’s fresh and fun “teen-meet-couture” style and online she was pioneered a new street style target to follow, scoring a feature in the following month’s British Vogue.


Pairing incredibly colourful designer pieces and prints is also the visual signature of the stylist and our favourite has to be Francesca Burns. The pint sized platinum blond stylist who recently took on the position of Fashion Editor at British Vogue always channels a cheeky demi-smile before the street style photographers waiting outside the shows. Pairing the quirky touch of a Christopher Kane gel clutch, Prada swirling baroque sunglasses, and a double J.W. Anderson coordinated paisley top and trousers, Fran as the acquainted call her, never goes un-noticed. She is a magpie for all the boldest pieces of each new collection. Prada makes a banana covered skirt? She will wear it. A fluffy purple furry purse? She’ll take it to the shows. A hand painted leather jacket from East London up-and-coming designer Claire Barrow? She’ll rock it like a boss. This is exactly why she attracts the photographer’s lens like a magnet and why the online community can’t get enough of her candy-delights looks. Neither can we!

There are the models that shine on the catwalk, on a shoot set, on the glossy pages of the magazines and then dress down once the job is done. And then there is Hanne Gaby Odiele. Not only is her face highly recognisable with that angular jaw line and high cheekbones, but she also has a talent for pulling colourful and printed clothes together in a weird model-dandy kind of way. She pairs oversized printed pyjama trousers with oversized African wax printed jacket and Navajo print shirt. Too much would you say? That’s casual for Hanne! She’ll even go for improbable accessories such as a cane to tone down the seriousness of a lady like Dior tailleur or won’t hesitate to opt for the editors’ no-go print: the cow print, in a pair of moo-ed boots, and get away with it. You now know why we keep this girl on our radar!

There’s been the bloggers, there have been the models and the fashion editors but the internet gets tired of its icons as fast as it adulates them. Lately we’ve seen the street style rise of Natalie Joos, a Belgian born casting agent who’s got that little something of a style that freshens up the Fashion Week landscape. Natalie is a 30 something edgy blonde who doesn’t shy away before a head to toe monochrome look- her red coat, tights, stilettos and purse look shot next to a pillar red British post box has been blogged all over the world. Slouchy sweaters or headscarves milkmaid style worn, yes Natalie is a bit of a specialist when it comes to wearing headwear without looking like she’s raided a fancy dress box. Joos who was a former model herself, barely wears any make up or styles her hair, for her it’s all about natural edgy relaxed high fashion outfits that exhale comfort and self confidence. Between her chunky knits and now signature headscarf, we can’t help but melt for Natalie’s style.

Very dear to our heart is a lady who was one of the first to be crowned street-style queen during Fashion Week a few years ago. Representing in front of the wild wild world, the creative quirkiness that is east London, Katie Shillingford, fashion director of Dazed and Confused magazine earned her stripes as an all time street style star the day she got shot by Tommy Ton from Jak & Jill at Paris fashion week with her dip dye platinum blonde and black tips bob. At the time it was the very beginning of the fashion world craziness over coloured hair and also the birth of the Gareth Pugh obsession. Fashion forward Shillingford had both Gareth Pugh as a best friend and an ever-changing hair colour provided by her close friend Alex Brownswell who owns London’s go-to salon Bleach. Spot on! From dark turquoise to dip-dye black, cotton candy pink or more recently light neon green, her hair, and the panting style stalkers behind their screens, saw about every pantone shade under the sun. Far from being an extravagant person, Katie’s sweet face and shy smile are as refreshing as the looks she pulls together. Often seen in a shirt of some sort, she pairs them with glittery heels, schoolgirl hair clips and a chunky furry coat. A high fashion Care Bear in a Barbie doll world!

We’ll be tracking down these ladies on the streets at London Fashion Week, excited to see the next look they’ll pull out of their closet. Find them on our Tumblr and our Instagram as we’ll be live posting during the shows!