Set designer, illustrator and one of London’s most talked about talents, Gary Card is a certified one to watch. With looks resembling a young David Hockney and a portfolio of collaborations that span the entire fashion sphere including Comme Des Garçons, British Vogue and the impending, J.W.Anderson for Topshop, we thought it was high time to introduce you to the man behind those fabulous spectacles.

Hi Gary, we can’t wait to see the pop-up world you’ve created for our J.W.Anderson collaboration! Where did you find your inspiration for the project?
Tom Sachs was a huge inspiration for the design concept. His approach is exactly how I felt J.W.Anderson x Topshop should look: utilitarian, bold, black, white and red – like packaging for detergent of a can of Coke. I was also drawn to the idea of repetition, i.e. Warhol’s Campbell-soup image re-imagined as piles of J.W.Anderson boxes – that and Woolworths, Tesco, Keith Haring… There’s something for everyone and I guess the message I wanted to get across was that accessible can still be chic and forward thinking.

How did you start your career?
I really just stumbled into it – working with fiends, making funny props and masks for music videos and photoshoots; anything I could get my hands on, no matter how small or seemingly futile!

Can you remember the first thing you ever made?
It was a flower headpiece for a Dazed & Confused shoot that stylist, Celestine Cooney was working on. The headpiece was utterly dreadful but I remember how proud I was at seeing my name in print for the first time.

What’s the most memorable piece you’ve ever created?
I made a flying baby suspended by its own umbilical cord once – that was fairly odd! I spend all day making surreal things, I can barely move for them.

Who inspires you?
Prince has been a hero since I was a little boy and he still inspires me to this day – not just for his music but also for his work ethic and drive. He stops me ever getting complacent – I always think, ‘Prince had released ten albums by the time he was your age, get off your arse and make something!’

And finally, do you have a work motto that you can share with us?
Regardless of the outcome, it’s the experiment that counts.

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