What… Marques Almeida, the relatively young brand from Portuguese NEWGEN designers Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida.

Where… Portico Space, Somerset House.

Who… Über stylist Francesca Burn, the world’s most famous blogger Susie Bubble and those with their fingers on the fashion pulse.

The collection in 5 words… Feminine denim goes beautiful grunge.

What we loved… Never did we think asymmetrical denim would appear on our SS13 wishlist but Marques Almeida has made it happen. Not just the bottle greens and navy blue short suits but the duo came out of their comfort zone with summery lilacs and all-white backless dresses that we just can’t wait to get into!

Hero piece… A frayed white denim jacket  embellished with lavender fur sleeves. (We know, we wouldn’t have thought we’d like it either!)

Hair loving… Simple. Side partings, gelled to weigh down the hair and draw attention to the clothes happening underneath.

Beauty notes… Natural skins and a lilac glitter skimming the eyebrow bone. Chic and (again) simple!

Inspired by… Wanting to open up the romantic and girlish side to the brand’s defiant and neo-grunge aesthetic.

End Notes… The collection’s shoes deserve their own mini round of applause. Lilac, black and khaki flatforms inspired by jelly shoes and chunky boots. We LOVE!


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