With our SS13 Topshop Unique show fast approaching, it’s safe to say that when we stepped into the pattern room this morning to catch a glimpse of the finishing touches of the collection, we were expecting to find at least a hint of chaos – i.e. clothes flying all over the place as models frantically hopped from one outfit to another, towering over the room with their enviably long legs made all the more Amazonian in their (heart-achingly beautiful) Unique heels.

The last part may be true (the models really are that incredible) but as for the chaos? Not a trace – in fact you’d be likely to find more frenzy in a library, the atmosphere at Topshop HQ was simply one of calm; the radio was playing softly in the corner and our Unique team were all but sitting (pretty and stylish as ever) on comfy leather sofas, completely in control and smiling with excitement for the show to come.

Everything was white, from the makeshift catwalk that lined the pearlescent floor tiles to the mood and model boards that framed the room – even the gloves that the team were wearing to be sure to not mark the collection were snow-white. The accessories were all arranged neatly against a backdrop of the London skyline while Karen Morrison’s jewellery pieces, which gave us particular cause for delight, were carefully pinned to boards detailing which looks they would be embellishing on the runway.

Queue the entrance of model, Jourdan Dunn and with a very quick change from her casual tee and leather leggings, she too became a vision in white. Amidst talk of shortening hemlines, whether the bags should lose or keep their shoulder straps and just how beautiful Jourdan really is in the flesh, we all watched in awe as she stormed our practise runway – and let’s just say, if she works it even half as well as she did in the practise, the show at 3PM GMT this afternoon (don’t miss it!) is guaranteed to be amazing.

After some more deliberation, our in-house accessories designer, Clare Holland (who, may we add looked amazing in our Boutique denim dress) was ready with her wrench to remove the shoulder straps from the bags, while make-up artist Hannah Murray entered the room, ready to start the beautification routine of our models. The look according to our Creative Director, Kate Phelan, (without giving too much away of course – good things come to those who wait!) is fresh, real and totally accessible – making it the perfect contrast to the polished feel of the clothes.

In short, we left the room with a wishlist the length of our arms times ten, feeling incredibly excited to see it truly come to life in just two hours time – so do not miss it!

Set your reminders because we’ll be creating a fashion first with a live catwalk at 3pm GMT/9AM PST Sunday 16th September, where you can not only watch as it happens, but customise, shoot and share the looks you love, download the show tracks and even shop the make-up as seen on the models!

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