Dip-dyed tips, candy-coloured roots and fluoro highlights. When you’re after a hair style with a real fashion kick then Bleach London is the only place to go. The Dalston mecca that brought its troupe of lock-loving stylists to our very own Topshop Oxford Circus London flagship, has quashed the competition with its top-notch rainbow hues and wizard-like braiding skills and found disciples in the likes of Pixie Geldof, Sienna Miller and Grimes. Ever the innovative team, Bleach have once more thought outside the box and for Halloween are offering a horror-inspired hair menu of 15 frightful looks for the occasion. But it’s not just wild colours, false fringes and stencils on offer this time round (we didn’t know hair styling could be so expansive either) but also some mighty impressive wigs.

From a Poison Ivy-red bob fitted with fairy lights to a multicoloured Medusa style creation complete with fake snakes, these wigs are not for the faint-hearted! If you have a penchant for something a little more classic try out their Vampire style pointed fringe or all-over midnight black creation and you can bet you’ll be the centre of any party. We don’t know about you, but  us Topshop girls are making our appointments right now!

But if you’re not in London, fear not! Session Stylist and Bleach Co-Founder, Alex Brownsell kindly took some time out from her busy schedule to give us her tips for a hauntingly brilliant Halloween look – either “think of a character and get creative with your styling!” or try out her hair trick below:

– Pick up a simple fuzzy spider wig

– Divide the wig into ten pieces and tightly plait each section, then fix the style by putting it in the freezer or steamer

– Undo the braids to create a fuzzy crimped texture

– Sew in creepy spiders and make a cob web from cotton wool to finish the look

As for us, we’ll be heading down to Bleach on Friday evening to get the wildest wig out there!

Don’t forget to send your Halloween hair, beauty or fashion trick in the form of a Tweet, Twitpic or Instagram @Twitter using the hashtag #TrickorTweet for the chance to win one of many £100/$150 shopping sprees 26th – 31st October!