After a summer jam-packed with amazing women in sport –Jessica Ennis, Victoria Pendleton, Laura Trott, need we go on? – our favourite skate magazine Huck and blog-founder of Copson Street and serious skater Maria Falbo are keeping up momentum with an exhibition dedicated to girls who skate and the pictures they capture on their way.

Photo by Jenna Selby
Photo by Alana Paterson

Whether it’s Venice Beach California, the outskirts of Barcelona or New York’s urban landscape, Anywhere Road captures the girls living a free spirited life dedicated to their trusty boards. The subjects featured stretch from serious professionals such as Alana Paterson (who has shot campaigns for the likes of Norse Store and Comune) to budding filmmaker Jenna Selby and skater-cum-snapper Sarah Meurle.

Photo by Lisa Kindberg

“The show grew out of a conversation we were having with Maria about the fact that a lot of really good female skateboarders happen to be natural documentarians,” said editor of Huck Andrea Kurland, “some are published photographers, others just shoot for themselves. Either way, the images they shoot capture their lifestyle in the most authentic light.” And it is the very realness that sets this show apart. There are no clichéd versions of skate girls wearing pink hoodies or (gulp) Avril Lavigne style socks! It’s a raw and beautiful look at these girls who are passionate about their boards, their crews and their experience. (They also happen to look pretty darn cool in lots of layered tees, cut off denim shorts and baggy jumpers amongst the bowls, cuts and bruises.)

Photo by Louisa Menke
Photo by Michelle Pezel

As for the dreamy exhibition title – Anywhere Road – it was inspired by Jack Kerouac’s genre-defining On The Road and there’s clear links between the Beat novel and the exhibition’s lively, off the cuff aesthetic. As editor Andrea puts just perfectly, “it’s about a certain attitude to life; that feeling you get when you hit the road with no set plans and anything seems possible.” And with that, we’re already thinking about some serious and spontaneous road tripping next summer!

Catch the exhibition at The Church of London’s gallery 71a or get into the Anywhere Road vibe by submitting a photo that captures the kind of experience you encountered when you hit the road with no set plans via Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #Anywhereroad