We recently discovered the French Indie folk band We Were Evergreen and immediately fell for their feel happy, sun filled music and their vintage-tinted imaginative aesthetic. It’s simple – the 3 band mates look like they walked straight out of a Michel Gondry movie! We’re specifically thinking of Their Penguins & Moonboots which is an enchanted stop motion movie we love full of oversized cardboard props and letters with a cow suited hero who travels on the countryside roads of Normandy in a… well a, vintage car!

For We Were Evergreen, one guitar, one ukulele and one xylophone are their sound makers – sometimes completed by a tambourine or a harmonica. Alongside these folky instruments full of old school charm is the fact that they’re all so god damn good looking. Fabienne with her Bambi eyes and pixie cut and the boys with their typically French 3 day-old beards and bed head messy hair. Their swinging sounds make us want to lie down in a hammock on a hot summery day and enjoy a Pina Colada… but then again maybe that’s just us?

We met with Fabienne, dressed her in our Factory Girl collection and headed on to the rainy streets of London for a photo shoot and catch-up!

How did you meet your band mates?

We all met in Paris. Michael and William had moved there for their studies and I’m from Paris originally. I was at the same school as Michael, studying Literature and Drama and I met William at the Paris Conservatoire for Music, where we were doing percussion classes. We didn’t know each other very well before we started the band.

How long have you been together?

It’s been four and a half years that we’ve played together.

When did you move to England?

We moved to London a year ago, during a warm and sunny weekend in September.

What brought you on the other side of the channel?

The first time we came as a band was for Sofar Sounds, who organizes acoustic gigs in flats all over the world. We had played for them in Paris and they invited us to London and it was really exciting. That’s where we met our manager, who bought us back to London a lot – especially during the summer. At last we all decided to come for good!

How does it feel to be the only girl of the band ? Are you spoiled?

Well, no I don’t think I’m spoiled ! I mean they take care of me, of course, but I don’t play the diva (they would say I do I am sure)! I try to play the best way I can though of course.

How are you finding London ?

I love it. I really enjoy living here, you can find everything you want here: there’s a great music scene and culture, huge and beautiful parks, lovely pubs and good places to go out. I find the city less aggressive than Paris too.

How does it feel being a French girl in London ?

Is there a lot of difference?  I like it ! I like to be in position of discovering things, but sometimes it can be difficult though, I mean I miss a lot of jokes, because I cant find my words at the right time!

Finally can you give a few of your Frenchie style tips for the Topshop girls?

You mean like my old Grandma used to teach me? Sleep, smile and drink (water)! More seriously, I read yesterday some pages of  Ines de La Fressange’s book, La Parisienne, I think she is in a better position than me to tell you all that!

Keep a look out for Fabienne and We Were Evergreen – we’ll certainly be at their next gig!