Take note of this fresh face because before long, you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more of singer songwriter Nina Nesbitt

She’s only 18 but when you possess a talent like Nina’s, anything is possible including a stage appearance with Ed Sheeran (who she is fast being touted as the female version of), a supporting slot on Example’s 2011 tour, not to mention 600, 000 YouTube hits on her latest video ‘Boy‘ before it’s official release today, Monday 15th October. She has just embarked on her first stand-alone tour but we managed to steal a few moments from the little lady herself to talk all things music, inspirations and just how she ended up on stage with Ed Sheeran…

How did you get into the music industry? 

I started off uploading YouTube videos about 3 years ago and then playing little gigs around Edinburgh and from there, I started to build a following and suddenly Ed Sheeran & Example invited me on tour after hearing me sing! I guess that gave me my first big break in to the industry. From then on I released a few EP’s and did two headline tours, put more videos up and also went through BBC Introducing. The last EP I released got picked up by Fearne Cotton, The Apple Tree and she made it her ‘big thing’ on Radio 1. It was then added to the playlist and my fan base grew a lot from there! I guess one thing just added to another…

Did you always know that you wanted to sing?

Yes I’ve always loved singing ever since I was little but never really thought I could have it as a career as it’s extremely difficult to get in to.

How would you describe your sound? 

My sound is acoustic mixed with some electric guitar and programmed beats/live drums. It’s a mix of upbeat catchy numbers or piano ballads.

We love your new single, Boy – what was the inspiration? 

I wrote Boy 18 months ago in my bedroom at home when I was angry about a past relationship – seems crazy it’s now a single! I put it in the studio in June and wanted to try something different, to be unique to any other singer/songwriter out there because there are so many. So I thought of all the music I really liked and tried to take parts from 3 different genres to put them in to one song such as rock, pop and acoustic.

Who are your idols? 

I don’t really have an idol, but am constantly inspired – I love old rock bands like Nirvana & ACDC and they really helped influence my song Boy. Then I love Eva Cassidy for her soft music with guitar – she has definitely been a big inspiration for me from a young age, and more recently the likes of Ellie Goulding, Mumford & Sons and Ben Howard.

Can you tell us about your amazing encounter with Ed Sheeran?

He was playing a little gig to about 15 people in my hometown and I had a friend that worked at the radio he was doing it for and she said I should come along so I did. I love his music! We got chatting and I asked if he had any advise for singer/songwriters and he said do you play guitar? And I said yes, so he handed me his guitar and asked me to sing for him. So I sung him the first song that I wrote on guitar. He then asked me on tour! It was really nice of him to give me that opportunity. It opened up a lot of doors for me and gave me amazing touring experience which has really benefited me as an artist when it comes to headline shows.

What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t a singer/songwriter? 

Probably studying Psychology at university but I am 100% focused on my music and if I couldn’t have it as a career right now, I think I’d keep going until I could.

What’s on your playlist at the moment? 

Always Bon Iver, a bit of Mumford and Son’s new album, Babel and listening to a sneak preview of the Jake Bugg album. I’m also very excited to hear Ellie Goulding’s new stuff soon!

How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style is pretty casual. I love big baggy jumpers, skinny jeans, denim shorts. I’m in to studs in a big way and have a big leather stud jacket but I like to team it with cute tops or floaty skirts. So I guess my style could be described as rock versus pretty.

Do you have any favourite London hangouts? 

I love Soho. You always meet so many interesting people down there and it’s always buzzing at night. I also love visiting Nobu in Mayfair, but usually when I’m London I like to see friends and chill out at their houses.

What do you like to do to relax?

Whenever I’m feeling stressed I write songs, it’s something that really relaxes me. Or otherwise I love just chilling out with my friends and family back home.