Over the past few months a nail frenzy started to emerge, not on the catwalks or glossy magazine pages, but on the hands of our beloved pop stars. “Well… they all go hand in hand together right?” Not this time! It seems the witching shards have in fact left editors and designers out in the cold.

The first to get her claws out was of course fearless mother monster Lady Gaga, who curved her “paws” in front of masses of photographers to show off a more threatening trend of nail. Next came internet sensation turned world mega star, Lana Del Rey, artfully placing her talons to the public eye on various Vogue editorials and covers, quickly followed by the likes of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Brits stars Adele, Jessie J and Rita Ora.

Razor sharp, long and feminine, the trend has now taken off on the internet, especially across various social media channels like Tumblr and Instagram, which allow users to post multiple pictures straight after their mani – in fact, you might have noticed on our own Instagram account that one of our HQ girls has fallen for the deadly dagger nails too!

Despite the multiple compliments she received on her Hitchcock-heroine style tips, she regrettably admitted that they were far from practical; everything from typing on the keyboard to fastening a necklace or worse, using an iphone became a high risk mission. But then of course, with no pain comes no gain and so she continues to flaunt her talons with all the grace of a Dita Von Teese pin-up dancing in a giant champagne flute or Catwoman style, ready to challenge any baddie with one fierce swipe. Stylish and dangerous then.

We took ourselves for a WAH nails bewitching talon session in our Oxford Circus flagship and ended up with these maleficent nail-arts and 3 sets of razor sharp claws.  So you see, we couldn’t help but shoot them all be-jewelled and turn them into these ridiculously cool Gifs.

So what does Topshop’s Head Beauty Buyer, Louisa Maaldrink have to say on the trend?

“I love it! Nails are so important; they’re even becoming an accessory all on their own. It’s about piling it on and being as daring as possible – think embellishment in all guises from studs, gems, decals, sequins and glitter to the fakest of fakes. Even if you’re not daring in the way you dress, you can still mix it up with your nails. In Tokyo, the trend has taken off so much they have specialist shops that sell acrylics at incredibly high prices and in beautiful keepsake boxes – they’ve become like jewellery.

Are you ready to get fierce and rock the trend? If you also want to get some awesome claws visit Wah Nails for ideas and book an appointment in store!