Hannah’s make up done by Hannah Philips with the Louise Gray collection

It was just a few weeks ago when we spent a fun day out of the office at London’s Kew gardens with Hannah Lambert, the rising star of street style and expert creator of outfits to wow in. Assistant to internationally respected fashion writer and contributing editor of American Vogue, Sarah Mower, Hannah is well-educated in the high paced fashion world. Allowing us to riffle through her designer-strewn wardrobe we threw together gems such as a Dolce & Gabbana choker with Meadham Kirchhoff pompom platforms and a Chewbacca purse that she found in a toy shop! If there’s one thing you ought to know about Hannah, it’s that she likes anything furry. We can also reveal that her Whatsapp profile picture is a furry cartoonish animal! Yes, we Whatsapped, that’s how cool we are.

Josie Gealer our photographer in action and our stylist Coline Bach trying on Hannah’s Louise Gray fur jacket

In a nutshell this girl is too cool. More than a girl crush, rather a discovery and a refreshing example to guide us out of the boring roads of fashion and inspire us to mix up our own wardrobes. The first time we interviewed Hannah she told us she hated having her picture taken. “What a waste!” we thought, thinking about all these great outfits that may never be immortalized. “It’s sort of bizarre, I’m massively awkward so I usually say no if I’m asked to get my picture taken,” she confessed. But here at Topshop HQ we won’t take no for an answer, especially from our style crush of the year. Never one to shy away, we asked Hannah very nicely if she wanted to play dress up with us in our Psychedelic Dandy collection and, by some great miracle, she said yes!

The beautiful autumn leaves colours in Kew garden and our glamorous make up spot with make up artist Hannah Philips working her magic

We met Hannah, on an early Tuesday morning at Kew Gardens tube station: us, with a suitcase full of our kaleidoscopic Psychedelic Dandy collection and her, with a garbage bag —literally it was a garbage bag— full of designer pieces. In keeping with the glamorous surroundings the local coffee shop became the changing rooms and make up area for the shoot and off Hannah went to work her magic.

The morning visitors all looked very amused when the colourful Hannah started posing on a staircase in front of the flourishing canopy of plants donned in a mixture of Prada and Topshop. Throughout the day our photographer Josie Gealer tried to get Hannah to smile but having braces —that she hates— she refused and kept very closed lipped.

Hannah’s wonderful Meadham Kirchhoff platforms

After a few fearful moments – a broken Balenciaga earring and a hunt through the autumn leaves for the remaining part— we headed back to our starting point: the local coffee shop for a warm and comforting cuppa and lunch before leaving Hannah running back to University, her couture garbage bag swinging on her shoulder. Browse Hannah’s feature and interview here.