Who better than the wonderful and whimsical designer Emma Cook to create a bespoke gift shop just for us? Pulling together new designs of her own– think animal-motif jumpers, adorable pastel mittens and the ultimate Christmas party dress – alongside a handpicked selection of Christmas decorations and cute stocking fillers, Emma Cook has Christmas all wrapped up. The Saint Martins graduate who has big love for the season of goodwill has previously dabbled in Topshop collections so was a clear decider for our Christmas special. After hearing rumours of her epic Christmas tree we knew we were in for something special. Here, Emma Cook shares what she loves, does and can’t be without at this most wonderful time of year. She even shared some personal Christmas pics from home that most definitely get us in the mood!

What’s makes Christmas for you?

I have a young boy, so it’s all about Father Christmas coming in our house. Writing the letter the night before and burning it in the fireplace where all the bits go up the chimney to tell Santa that you have been good and what you wish for. That, and when he has arrived in the morning leaving sooty footprints all over the floor.

What does every stocking need?

Satsumas and nuts at the bottom.

Do you have any requisite Christmas decorations?

We always have an enormous tree, that’s my favourite bit about Christmas. We make a day out of going to get one from the country in a big van. Last year it was so big and was covered in pine cones, it looked like it had squirrels still living in it.

Do you make any handmade Christmas decorations?

I have so many decorations that I have collected over the years, literally boxes and boxes. It’s always exciting when we get them out. There are things that I made when I was little that my mum had kept, or things that we made just last year. They all have some kind of history and memory of Christmas that goes with them.

Do you have a Christmas family heirloom?

I have some lovely decorations that came on the front of crackers that my Nanna used to bring from Germany that I really remember from being a little girl and a blown glass moon that used to be on her tree.

Tell us your favourite Christmas recipe.

We always do duck covered with 5 spice and roast apples instead of Turkey.

Do you have a favourite festive tipple?

I always make Snowballs mid morning on Christmas day. I like performance of it all with the fancy glasses, umbrellas, straws and glace cherries. I’m not sure I even like the drink that much though, I don’t ever drink it the rest of the year!

What will you be wearing on Christmas day?

I will be wearing the silk shirtdress with fairylights this year (under my pini)

What was it like creating a collection all about Christmas?

It is just the perfect project, it was so much fun.

What was the initial inspiration behind the project?

We started with the idea of the sugary colour palette, mint green, pastel pink and silver. We then mixed that with things that we love, giant gift wrap, bows, deers, party hats, woodland animals etc… We made some products that we would like to receive for Christmas like themed plates and mugs, soap on a rope, bed linen, pyjamas etc… Also the perfect Christmas party dress, Christmas jumper, and a smart but easy dress for Christmas day with fairy lights all over. I wanted it to be fun and kitsch but just untraditional enough to be cool.

What are your favourite pieces in the collection?

It’s difficult to choose, but it has to be the sleeping bambi bedsheet.

See all Emma Cook’s sparkling Christmas collection and gift shop, here.