Knowing that we’ll spend the next month scheduled within an inch of our lives at parties, dinners and other Christmas japes, we thought what better way to spend next Friday night than with a little bit of culture before the storm. For us London girls, culture on a Friday night is rarely done better than at London’s Tate Britain gallery and its current Late at the Tate programme. Embodying all that we love about the gallery in mini art installations, live performances and short films, Late at the Tate brings a modern twist to all their exhibitions.

Next Friday we’re heading to the Pimlico gallery for, Dreamers of Dreams, this month’s ‘Late’ inspired by their mind-bogglingly good Pre-Raphaelite exhibition. Some of the most talented folk from their cultural realm have been roped in to explore the influence of the ginger-loving, curve-embracing, muse-obsessed movement on contemporary art, fashion and music.

There’s no doubt that the auburn hair of the muses have recently made a killer comeback – Florence Welch, Lily Cole, Karen Elson – alongside the period’s penchant for flowing dresses and sheer tulle. So it’s designer Miharayasuhiro who’s on hand with an interactive installation dedicated to perhaps the most famous muse of all time, Ophelia. Shot by legendary Paolo Roversi and with help from WOW animation company it’s a very modern take on the iconic painting by Millais and we can’t wait for the reveal. As for the film portion of the evening there’ll be a screening of Anna Blandford’s adaptation of a Christina Rossetti poem, a taste of theatre with selected scenes from Hamlet and musical accompaniment by the renowned electronic festival troupe Stella Polaris.

So for something a little out of the ordinary and very unexpected for your Friday night don’t miss out on the event and find out more here.