Ever wondered what it takes to be a Personal Shopper and how you could get there too? We spoke with Hannah Berg one of the amazing Personal Shoppers at our New York flagship store to talk fashion must-haves, what she loves about her job and holidays to the Amalfi coast. Oh, and as the season approaches, also managed to sneak in a few questions about Christmas and the up coming Holidays too!   

How did you become a Personal Shopper at Topshop?

After graduating from University I dabbled in many different aspects of the fashion industry from visual merchandising, assistant buying, to freelance styling. I discovered that styling is where my heart lies but still missed that one on one client relationship. So, when Moving to NY from LA I applied to be a Personal Shopper at Topshop and from my first day forward I knew that it was the perfect fit that I had been looking for. It incorporates my love for creating a “look” and for building customer relationships.

What do you love about your job?

The best thing I can hear during an appointment  is, “I would have never thought this would look good on me and now it’s my favorite purchase!”  I love being able to work with someone and cater to what they need and what they are looking for but pull pieces and put outfits together that push them a little out of their comfort zone. I like to show them that, “I could never pull this off” shouldn’t be in anyone’s vocabulary.

How would you describe your style?

I like to think of style in some ways as playing a part and why not be somebody different everyday? Whether it be chic and simplistic, edgy menswear, or feminine glamour, ones style is forever evolving and mine evolves everyday.

Who are your fashion icons?

Kate Moss, Iris Apfel, Steven Tyler, Anna Del Russo, Eddie Sedgwick.

If you could ransack anyone’s wardrobe, who’s would it be?

Elizabeth Taylor, how could you resist some of those head pieces? Not to mention the diamonds.

Which is your current favourite Topshop collection and why?

I’m obsessed with the J.W. Anderson collection! The quilted separates worn as one look are amazing, the slouchy plaid pants are perfect, the fabric used, the kitchy prints down to the marketing and styling, as a whole the collection had a sense of humor while still being very chic.

What’s your key pieces for AW12?

A leather skirt.

What piece do you always come back to, season after season?

A good, classic pair of menswear trousers will never leave my wardrobe.

What’s your secret style trick?

Layering. Putting a chunky sweater or a vintage rock T-shirt over a dress gives an entirely different look. Tying up your loose shift dress and putting leather pants on underneath paired with a blazer takes that dress to another level.

What’s your fashion weakness?

Leather! There’s nothing more that I love than a leather pant, an oversized leather vest, or my newest favorite a leather t-shirt.

What’s your favourite Topshop Make Up product?

The lipstick, I have EVERY color!

What’s your first memory of Topshop?

My first memory would have to be my first Topshop purchase, a short, black, long-sleeve, crocheted dress that I wore on NYE years ago and I’m still just as in love with it as the first time I put it on!

Where’s your favourite place to go shopping where you live?

Beacons Closet and Brooklyn Flea market in Brooklyn and anywhere in Soho for New York. It has everything.

What would your best night out involve?

Dinner at Beauty and Essex on the Lower Eastside, cocktails at Apotheke in China Town, and always wrapping the night up at Dempsey’s pub with my friends, my sisters, and the city.

Why should someone book a Personal Shopping appointment with you?

Because I love what I do! I really listen to what someone is looking for, what works best for their lifestyle, and what’s realistic but still providing a new outlook on what can be pieced together; what shape is most flattering, and have them step outside of what’s comfortable a little bit.

What’s great about the Personal Shopping service?

Having a room ready with pieces that parallel what you may have requested or looks that you’re going for, having one on one customer service with someone who is there strictly for you and your appointment. Having someone to help you navigate through the store and the trends, as well as having someone with styling knowledge and expertise to assist you for any and every fashion crisis!

What would be in your ultimate Christmas hamper?

Anything vintage Hermes or Balenciaga, plane tickets to Amalfi Coast (yacht included), keys to a custom black on black leather Aston martin, and an original Warhol.

What is on the top of your Christmas list this year?

Seeing my family on the West Coast. My mom, sister, brother-in-law, nieces and nephews. They are what Christmas is to me.

What are your top tips for dressing at Christmas?

I love an ugly Christmas sweater more then anyone! But, there is a time and a place. Pairing red and green, having jingle bells hang from your shirt  and having rudolph’s face splashed on may be a little overkill. I’m thinking more sophisticated whites, deep forest green denims, and a red lip.

What are your top Christmas party songs?

Any throw back Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys Christmas CDs will get any and every Holiday party started.

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