We hope you’re all having a lovely Christmas Day! If you’re anything like us, we bet you can’t think of a better thing to do after Christmas lunch than snuggle up to a good old-fashioned movie, or three! So once all the turkey and stuffing has been eaten, join us by popping on your onesie, getting out the chocolates and get set to laugh and cry with your nearest and dearest! Here’s what us Topshop girls will be watching…


Will Ferrell dressed in an oversized elf costume, need we say more? Lets add in a disaster on an escalator, candy flavored spaghetti and a very angry dwarf and this film leaves us no choice but to feel festive. Funny, romantic and extremely cute, this is definitely one of our Christmas Day must-sees!

Love Actually

In the hectic month leading up to Christmas we see over a dozen loveable characters weave their way into eachothers hearts. With a love sick best man, an aging rocker and a school boy’s first crush, this film is packed with comedic and sentimental value that leaves us with hope that they’ll be someone waiting for us under the mistletoe!

The Grinch

Watching this film, we’re transported into a snowflake, where we find a Whoville full of whos, a cute dog called Max and lots of Christmas lights! With the help of the lovely Cindy Lou Who and plenty of laughs along the way, you can’t help but fall in love with the Holidays all over again as the ultimately loveable Grinch re-discovers what it really means to embrace the Christmas spirit.

The Snowman

Ever wish your snowman would come to life when you were little? This wordless animation is a childhood classic and if you haven’t seen it you definitely need to. As we watch a little boy and his snowman flying hand in hand to the beautiful soundtrack of ‘Walking in the Air,’ this film re-awakens the Christmas magic we all felt as children.

The Holiday

The gorgeous Jude Law in the same film as the Hilarious Jack Black, this is our dream come true! In this film two women discover that changing their address can change their lives and with the mending of broken hearts, stunning shots of the snowy British countryside and Cameron Diaz running rather impressively in heels down a country lane, this film is essential for every gal’s perfect Christmas.

Let us know what you’ve been up to today and what Christmas movies you love the most! We’d love to have some new ones to add to our list.