If you’re going to be compared with another band, Coldplay surely can’t be a bad one to be associated with.  These four boys from Dublin above, know as Kodaline, have oft been given this comparison and although may not have a future featuring a marriage to a Hollywood actress, it will surely be successful.

The quartet have been slowly bringing their sweet vocals and airy epic guitar to the forefront of the industry and in the last two years found themselves a considerable fan base– their Twitter account features a fan who’s made her very own Koadline nail art! This year they played the Sebright Arms – the venue that’s probably seen the most amount of on-the-verge-of- success gigs-  and soon after the buzzy Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, where they sounded out their resonant bass, impressive harmonies and well produced tunes to troupes of very happy audience members.

But it’s Kodaline’s anthem “All I Want” that has seen them skyrocket: it’s appeared in the American TV series Grey’s Anatomy and was Google’s choice of track for their Zeitgeist 2012: Year in Review ad. And the accolades have yet to stop. MTV have named Kodaline one of their Brand New in 2013, Shazam has tipped them for great things, the BBC has featured them in their Sound of 2013 poll and, most excitingly, NME has roped them in for their Awards Show in 2013.

You think they wouldn’t have time for a stop-and-chat but the boys were very forthcoming and offered us a little insight into the life of a rock band…

How did Kodaline come to be?

Mark Steve and Vinny grew up down the road from each other, Jay we met through friends. We’ve always played music and it turned into Kodaline.

What band or musical artist has had the most influence on your music?

We all have very different musical influences but the songs are influenced more by life events that any artist, each song gets what ever it needs in the studio depending on the sentiment.

Do you have a favourite gig you’ve ever played?

The Paradiso in Amsterdam is a beautiful venue and the people in Holland have been really good to us. Our first headline show in Ireland though was an amazing experience that will be hard to top.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Jay Z.

What are you hoping for in the coming months?

More gigs and a lot of traveling, we love being out on the road and playing to new people.

What are your must haves when touring?

Ventilation and WiFi, it gets pretty tough in a van with 8 guys so we need good distractions.

What’s the ethos behind Kodaline?

We try to be as honest as possible with our music, if we don’t believe in what we’re doing why should anyone else.

Check out the very clever video for All I Want below and we’re sure you’ll be a fan in no time. On that note, look out for their UK tour dates in February and the album’s release on 18th March.