As the star of our debut Christmas film, Winter Wonderland, we knew that the dress Kate Bosworth wore would truly have to dazzle! Here at Topshop HQ, we’re long-time admirers of the actresses’ faultless style so when we started brainstorming her look, we couldn’t think of a better way to create something magical and truly bespoke than by having Kate collaborate with our in-house design team on a custom-made gown. If you love the final result as much as we do, make sure you don’t miss out and register your interest in Kate’s dress.

With Kate in and out of Topshop HQ throughout the entire design process – from perfecting the toile to adding on beads in the final fitting – we were lucky enough to spend some time with her up in our pattern room. It was amazing to watch the initial sketch come to life and to give you a real insight into the process, we caught up with Kate.

What was the starting point for designing your custom-made dress?

I was emailing back and forth with the lovely designer on dresses about my initial thoughts on what I was feeling  in terms of the movie and the character and we simply translated that feeling into this dress. I wanted a deeper red , a fire red, very close to Michelle Pfeiffer’s in The Fabulous Baker Boys but a little richer. I also knew I wanted it to be long sleeved and have stones on the inside, at the cuff and around the chest. It was all very quick, she sent me one sketch I said great, she sent me a fabric sample and the different crystal colours and from there it all came together.

What was it like when you started working on the dress with the design team at Topshop HQ?

When we got to London to try the toile on, it was really neat. I loved seeing our sketch translate into what can only be described as a potato sack! – and then working with the team on shaping it and finalizing all the details. Geraldine, the Head of Design Development at Topshop, who I worked with really closely throughout the whole process, really did such a beautiful job of making the dress the way I had envisioned it. It was challenging – what with the time constraints – but in a sense it made us make decisions by instinct and that can really bring a magical result. I’d go to a meeting and come out and the team would still be working on it. You know it was amazing, everyone putting in the effort to make something special!

What is it about Michelle Pfeiffer in this film that inspired you?

She’s amazing, one of the most engaging performers I’ve ever seen. In The Fabulous Baker Boys you can’t take your eyes off her. What I love about her performance is how bold she is but also how imperfect she is. I love that she was confident in those imperfections and I had to get my head around that idea too when I was recording the song. Her performance really allowed me to embrace the flaws and the beauties and it’s that which gives the vulnerability in her performance and hopefully mine too.

 Was your make-up look inspired by Michelle’s in the film too?

The first thing I said to the make-up artist and the hair stylist was that this shouldn’t be a high fashion look. The make-up and hair isn’t overly styled in the film because essentially, the girl I’m playing is a lounge singer that’s going from city to city. She’s done this a million times and there’s a sort of vulnerability and sadness about her but she can really turn it on when she has to. We wanted to convey that she’s a little undone, a little raw and that was why the look was quite paired down.

We also managed to grab some time with our dress designer on the inspirations behind the dress and on working with Kate…

How did the design process start and what was your initial inspiration?

It began by discussing The Fabulous Baker Boys and Michelle Pfeiffer’s iconic red dress. We were keen to create a modern dress that captured the old starlet Hollywood glamour, whilst keeping it true to Kate’s own personal style.

How did Kate and yourself work together on the dress?

Kate and I began by discussing the silhouette. The dress had to be modern so we kept the length short and Kate came up with the idea of doing the curved front hem. Kate has a great eye for detail and was involved every step of the way. We were fortunate the design process happened so easily and we were both thinking along them same lines.

What were the highlights of the design?

For the dress we used a silk lame in a very striking claret noir colour. We wanted the dress to have a certain sex appeal and the intense dark red helped to achieve this. Applied to the dress were hundreds of Swarovski crystals in three different colours that created that beautiful shimmer you can see in the film. They fade in and out of the dress to add a touch of glamour in a modern way without being too overwhelming. Finally we had a cut out back, which again added an element of seductiveness and interest as we knew that Kate was going to be being filmed from all angles.

Watch Kate’s custom-made dress shimmer and shine in our Christmas film, Winter Wonderland, and don’t forget that you can register your interest in her dress and shop her make-up look over on

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