We’re suckers for DIY blogs here at Topshop HQ and also for all things Kawaii (yes, that means cute in Japanese)! After being inspired after her web travels, one of our fashion writers started covering anything and everything that fell between her paws in stickers. It began with her bike helmet, then her phone case, followed by her laptop case, her keyboard and most lately her backpack!

Art Director Louisa Lau shot by The Style Crusaders’ Jennifer Inglis.

Well, what’s not to love about over-the-top cuteness? From galactic glittery cats and puffy dinosaurs to jelly doughnuts and mini-felted monkeys, stickers are the simplest way to do a super cute DIY. It seems the style set are gaga for the mini sticky designs too!

From Dazed and Confused’s Senior Fashion Editor Robbie Spencer who used them on a mask for his Franken Fashion editorial to the amazing Bullet magazine who included a whole load of stickers within its pages, encouraging their readers to get creative and submit snaps of their sticker art on Instagram!

So to spread the Sticker mania even further, we headed down to Chinatown in London to buy a whole load of stickers. It was so difficult to choose what to make ours and we came back with some serious gems and got busy covering our beloved Toppers pieces in them! Here’s the easy-peasy way of sinking delightfully into kidulthood…

Step 1: Get yourself the accessory that you want to cover in stickers, preferably one with a smooth patent surface so that the stickers stick better.

Step 2: Get yourself a load of cute stickers! We fell for smileys, tiny cars, dinosaurs and Barbie ones of course.

Step 3: Stick away! We used bigger ones on the main areas and smaller ones as fillers.


Happy stick stick sticking and let us know what you’ve given a sticker-tastic makeover!