Once upon a time… (don’t yawn, this is a thrilling tale) there was a beautiful girl with wavy blond hair and a red glitter dress lying on a piano and seducing the man she loved. That girl’s name was Susie Diamond, made infamous by the awe-inspiring Michelle Pfeiffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys. The cult character and memorable scene was inspiration for Winter Wonderland, our first ever Christmas film, directed by art-house maestro Michael Polish. And who’s our lady in red? The fabulous Kate Bosworth of course – Hollywood A-List starlet and secret singer.

Never heard of The Fabulous Baker Boys? Well, here’s the skinny. It’s quintessential viewing for Hollywood old school aesthetic. The Baker brothers (one of whom is the dreamy Jeff Bridges) are down on their luck pianists playing dodgy hotel bars when they enlist starlet Susie and, boom, their fortunes change… Needless to say things it isn’t all roses and cracks quickly start to appear when Susie falls for Mr Baker himself. For us at Topshop, it’s a piece of cinematic history and definitely one to re-watch over the festive season.

To find out how this iconic movie inspired our debut Christmas film, watch our behind-the-scenes interview with actress Kate Bosworth and her fianceé and director, Michael Polish.

Love Kate singing in our film? You can download her own verison of Winter Wonderland on iTunes for perfect Christmas-time listening.