Us Topshop girls have a penchant for a little geek in our lives so there’s no surprise the brainy boys of indie, Everything Everything, have been a regular on our playlist since their debut album launched in 2010. Known for their experimental vocals, serious guitar riffs and off-the-wall lyrics, the quartet from Manchester are not conforming to the indie band stereotype anytime soon. This Monday sees the launch of Arc, their second more distilled and focussed album with a good helping of the thinking man’s music that we love. (We haven’t stopped listening to their tempting preview YouTube.) From what we can tell there’ll be more staccato singing, pop-tinged melodies and lots of snare drums and we can’t wait.

We spoke to guitarist Alex Robertshaw about touring Poland and listening to Radiohead, amongst other things.

How did Everything Everything come to be ?

Jonathan and Jeremy met studying in Manchester and started playing in bands together, Michael had been at school with Jonathan in Hexham and joined after he’d finished studying in Leeds. Alex joined much later at the end of 2009, having played gigs alongside us in another band.

How would you describe your music to other people?

We are a band of four who play guitars, drums, synths and sing. We are an indie band essentially, but we draw influence from all over.

What band or musical artist has had the most influence on your music? 

We don’t have one band or artist that influences us. We all grew up listening to Radiohead, The Beatles and all the other great bands that everyone is still listening to now. Individually we had different  things we were into growing up, Michael and Alex listened to jazz, Jeremy listened to post-rock bands and Jonathan was making strange and abstract films. We all shared those interests with each other, and that goes into the music we make now too.

Do you have a favourite gig you’ve ever played?

I don’t think I can pick a favourite, there have been many great moments. The most recent was playing Łódź in Poland supporting Muse. The crowd were unbelievable that night, we would really like to go back and tour properly.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Michael Jackson, if he was still with us and Beyonce now. Michael Jackson needs no explanation, he was a musical genius. Beyonce has created some of the greatest pop music over the last 10 years and we would love to work with her.

What are you hoping for in the coming months?

With the new album ‘Arc’ releasing on the 14th January, we are about to start touring again. February we are in the UK and March we will be traveling into Europe and further. We are hoping that the new music will connect with people and we can play some great shows.

What are your must haves when touring?

Sleep and water.

What do you like to wear when you’re performing?

We have a great designer called William Green who we collaborate with in making what we wear on stage. The last album campaign he made us boiler suits to wear on stage and this campaign we have opted for a more traditional two piece. It’s quite difficult to move in a boiler suit, which we learnt after they were made.

How is the new album different from the last?

The new album is much more focused, after touring the first album and living with it over the last few years we knew what we were good at and what needed more focus. Lyrically, Jon has been far more direct this time and wants people to connect with the songs. Musically we are all much more confident in each others playing, we spent a long time before entering the studio pulling songs apart and rearranging so we were fully prepared. It gives you the freedom to experiment with different instruments and techniques and not spend all your studio time trying to put the pieces together. It makes a far more enjoyable experience doing the work up front.

Their new album is released January 14th, snap it up, here and watch their latest single’s music video, Kemosabe, below.