After a year of synthesized beats, you may think every last drop of potential has been squeezed out of electronic pop, right? Nope, you’d be wrong. Let us introduce, Young Wonder. Electro pop artists by description but something much more expansive by nature. The space-age duo hark from Cork, Ireland and manage to bring a lot of genre to one sound. Mixing up dub step, R&B, House and yes, Irish Folk, Young Wonder manage to bring a sharp hit of originality in a sea of background noise.  The dreamy vocals are courtesy of Rachel Koeman (who also brings a dramatic look and our favourite sort of gold hoops to the band!)  and the beats and euphoric synths come from producer Ian Ring. The combination seems like a winning one and we imagine some exciting things from this duo in 2013, and look forward to snapping up their EP ‘Show Your Teeth’ this coming spring.

We talk to the duo about falling in love with a song, Mark Ronson and the ever importance of headdresses.

How did Young Wonder come to be? 

Rachel:  Young Wonder was created by Brendan of Feel Good Lost. He saw Ian’s potential as a producer and I guess my potential as a singer and lyricist. We instantly started working together and songs just fell together. It was all very effortless.

How would you describe your music to other people? 

Ian:  Today there are so many different genres and sub-genres in music, but I would place us somewhere between pop and electronic. Ultimately it’s for the listeners to decide. You know that feeling when you hear a new song for the first time and you just love it. You don’t have to think about why you love it, you just do. For me that’s more important than what genre it falls into or how it’s being described.

Rachel:  Our music is very unique, an eclectic mix of pop, electronic as well as distinctive sounds you would hear from other cultures. This is mixed with what I could only describe as high-pitched vocals to create an ethereal and dreamy sound.

What band or musical artist has had the most influence on your music?

Ian: As a producer my influences change by the day. I learn all the time by listening to everything I can. I produced hip hop for a good while so I guess that would be my back bone. I love everything from Soul/Jazz/Indie/DnB/Break/ House/ Techno etc.  Lately I’m listening to a lot of Disclosure, SBTRKT, Ambassadeurs, ViLLΛGE, Chris Malinchak and I’m loving the current trap movement.

Rachel:  For me personally as a singer I think artists such as Lykke Li, Austra, Grimes, Warpaint, Chrome Sparks ft. Stefaloo collaborations, Purity Ring and Crystal Fighters influence me the most. Well I’m not sure if they influence me, but they are all my favourites!

Do you have a favourite gig you’ve ever played?

Ian:  We have had some great highlights this year, notably ATP in London and Club 2 Club in Italy, but my favourite was playing the main stage of Body and Soul at Electric Picnic.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Rachel: I would absolutely love to collaborate with SBTRKT or Crystal Fighters. Two of my absolute favourite acts. or Grimes, she’s too cool!

Ian: I would love to produce for Reggie B or Sampha. I’m really feeling a lot of different UK emcee’s at the moment, like Ghost Poet. Mark Ronson is a producer I would love to work with – that guy is one of my heroes!

 What are you hoping for in the coming months?

Ian: We have an EP called ‘Show Your Teeth’ that we will be releasing in Spring and hopefully there’ll be a nice tour to go with it

What are your must haves when touring?

Rachel: My laptop to keep me entertained. My iPhone and iPod to keep me in a world of my own! I think time on my own is probably one of the most important things for me… and some cheese and beers are also nice too!

What do you like to wear when you’re performing?

Rachel: I really like to go a bit crazy on stage – I love to wear different headdresses incorporating fur, feathers or anything else that’s pretty and visually appealing.

Ian: I keep my outfits fairly plain to be honest because I like Rachel to be the emphasis of the show. Personally I like plainer clothes as well. Rachel is really into fashion so she always looks great on stage.

How would you describe your style?

Rachel: My style is a collection of everything pastel, cute, kind of lazy and definitely not too thought out!

Watch their dreamy video for To You below.