Short films have yet to hit the cinema mainstream like their fellow full-featured friends but there’s a burgeoning scene of short film lovers and makers that has kept this niche art form continuing to flourish. Spearheading the short film love-in this side of the pond is Producer Cassandra Neal and Festival Director Philip Ilson, the team behind the wonderful London Short Film Festival that is running across London until next Sunday.

Born as the Halloween Short Film Festival in 1994 and after their success renamed themselves as the London Short Film Festival in 2008 with a whole host of raw talent ready to share their filmic gems. In their 10th year it features over 300 short films in 25 new short programmes and a host of special events across London. The ICA kicked off the festival with laugh-a-minute new shorts featuring an adaptation of comedy genius Will Self’s The North London Book of the Dead and the lovable Russell Tovey in critically acclaimed short, Is This a Joke. But if you’ve missed them, fear not! There’s plenty more where they came from…

We’re most excited for a night of silent film soundtracked by up and coming band Breton’s debut album at the British Film Institute and starring one film produced by the band themselves. Other highlights we’ve signed up for include a screening of new short Physics starring Peep Show favourite Matt King at the ICA, an evening of music documentary at London’s Roxy bar and the interactive artwork Heliscope for a cinematic adventure that promises colour, motion and lots of audio visual layers.

Any of you looking to hone your very own filmic skills? There’s a masterclass with Peter Strickland on sound design, a discussion with the heads of Sheffield Doc/Fest and a super sought-after panel of the industry’s movers and shakers to help start ups with funding for shorts.

The content of the festival is so varied – exhibitions, screenings, talks and classes – and the tickets are simply a steal, there really isn’t a downside to this cultural extravaganza. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets now!