Take a heavy helping of Tim Walker, a few spoonfuls of Anna Leibovitz mix it with the art of René Magritte, add a sprinkling of your own dreams and maybe you’ll begin to get close to the mystery that is photographer Phillip Schumacher. We know there’s names and names of raw talent waiting to be discovered in photography and in this case the mere 18 year old Phillip is a diamond in the rough with some seriously vivid imagination. Transfixing and memorable, Schumacher’s photography becomes imprinted on your mind’s eye.

Haven’t heard of him? No, neither had we until we snooped the tweets of the Tate Modern. (Don’t you?!) Based in Germany the young visionary initially photographed still lifes until Flickr’s »365days« project launched and the young snapper fell into the world of self-portraiture, posting an image of himself each day for an entire year.

Schumacher’s buzz built with his Flickr photo album, which itself seems like one dreamy Michel Gondry film and includes shoots with muses Rosie Hardy and Lissy Elles. Today Pipo – as he calls himself – fills his time creating an imaginative other world of childlike playfulness and surrealism.

This guy also has big love for the universe, in one of our favourite series’ entitled Cosmic Love, he canoodles with tiny planets that are photoshopped into his arms. How cute is that?!

See Schumacher’s Flickr album here.