A colour-burst of dancing talons and nail shaped flowers take over our screens in the short animation above from wonder-team Sadie and Joe. Showing off our latest line of rainbow-hued nail varnishes the animation gives a quick and quirky glimpse into the nail colours we’re loving for SS13.

There’s a lot of love at Topshop HQ for animators Sadie and Joe. The duo started making their pop, playful and brimming with colour, animations whilst at university and before they knew it jewellery and accessories designer Katie Hillier was knocking at their door. Hillier’s penchant for adorable bunnies, charms and heart-shaped jewels worked in perfect harmony with Sadie and Joe’s equally saccharine aesthetic. Once their debut feature started doing the industry rounds, the rest of the fashion world took note and commissions from Ungaro, Vogue and Loewe came flooding in before the ultimate deciders of cool, Love magazine and Colette snapped them up too. This pair was an easy choice for us to show off our mouth-watering new nail varnish hues and the little short premiered on Grazia and Luckymag to rave reviews.

We spoke to the duo about sibling rivalry, the creative process and the importance of Blu-Tac.

How did your partnership come about?

We both went to the same uni- Joe studying Moving image and Sadie studying Fashion Design. Sadie had a project and wanted to bring it to life more than by just taking photos. Together we realized that animation would be a great medium for us to work with. Here’s a link to out first animation, – it’s quite rustic.

A lot of people would find working with their sibling difficult: how is it for you two and how do you make it work?

We generally get along pretty well and it’s never been issue to work together – there can be the occasional midnight madness after animating all night but we seem to be able to put up with each other.

Where did you both train?

Sadie studied Fashion BA at Brighton and now is in the final year of her MA at Central St. Martins. Joe also studied at Brighton doing Moving Image. Since graduating he’s worked at Sola Lights, where he has been trained in lighting for photography and video

What was the concept behind the film for Topshop Make-up?

It was to beat the January blues… With a bit of sparkle and colour!

What’s the process behind these films?

After getting a brief we both knock heads and brainstorm ideas together. Sadie creates the sets and props and Joe sets up the lighting and camera… We both animate together, this can take ages because most of the animation is stop-frame. Joe will take the hundreds or thousands of photos of tiny movements and turn them in to a film. Finally we work with our friend Joseph Bond on the music – he’s really good at sussing out what we’re after. Done!

How long does a normal 3 minute film take?

Erm, a while! Our longest is about one and a half minutes and it took 5 days of solid animating. We can crack a short one out in a day once it’s all been prepped.

What materials did you use to make the set? And what are your go to materials for most of your films?

BLU-TAC – They should sponsor us! For Topshop Nails we used loads of different nail polish on tons of fake nails, lots of glittery paper, coloured acetate and collage. We’ve used all sorts; cocktails umbrellas, overhead projectors, sequins, papier mache, pom-poms, coloured lights, stationary and lots of Blu-Tac!

A lot of your films feature bunnies and other cuddly critters – do either of you have pets?

We have a dog, he’s a whippet-lurcher, he’s 15 now and a bit of an old man. The bunnies are a major feature because alot of our animations have been for the accessories designer Katie Hiller – she’s bunny mad and we love her.

What would be your dream commission?

We’re living the dream – we’re so happy to be working with Topshop.

Any New Year’s resolutions?

Just have our best year yet!

Find out more information on Sadie and Joe here

Behind the scenes at the shoot.

Sadie and Joe in their younger years.

Take a look at our latest nail colours and be sure to let us know what shades you’re coveting! We’re expecting some seriously amazing nail art form all of you this SS13.