This is bingo but not as you know it. Old ladies and fish and chip suppers be gone, this is high-octane, hard-core bingo, made for adrenalin lovers who like their nights raucous.

We recently stumbled upon Rebel Bingo as part of the Monkey Shoulder Social Club. There was make your own cocktail stations and vintage amusement games but these were secondary to the throes of people clambering towards the stage as if worshiping a DJ, attempting to get squeeze forward to the Rebel Bingo stage. That’s the thing about Rebel Bingo, everyone wants to get closer to the action

On arrival, you’re assigned a bingo card and a felt tip pen but that’s where the similarities to everyday bingo end and the chaos starts. Two vivacious and leotard-clad ladies appear to call out the numbers – always with a cheeky rhyme – and the host, a top-hatted enthusiastic fellow, riles up the crowd. But no one really needs riling! There’s indie disco, old school hip hop and garage flooding out of the speakers to keep everyone on their feet amongst the cheers and cries of people getting a number. The magic comes from a combination of the stellar tunes, bouncing hosts and everyone’s competitive nature that seems to burst out on to the floor. Oh, and did we mention the prizes? There’s always plenty up for grabs, when we took part it was an impressive speaker set and a chair fit for any design aficionados. Who knows what will appear at the next one!

This one-time secret London night is slowly on it’s way to take over the world with Rebel Bingo nights opening up in New York, Madrid, Brazil and Portugal. But act quickly, these tickets are the hottest piece London has to offer right now, nearly every night is sold out BUT a new batch of tickets are to be released tomorrow! What are you waiting for? BINGO!