Constantly surrounded by endless rails of clothes, the latest trends and spending their 9-to-5 styling up the fashion-forward ladies of the world… Is it just us or does being a Personal Shopper sound like the dream job?! We’re always intrigued to find out what our wonderful style storming Personal Shoppers are thinking for the season ahead and also how they snapped us their fabulous jobs in the first place! This week we’re chatting to Lauren Milner, Personal Shopper at Leeds Trinity, to give us all the knowledge about SS13, what she’ll be wearing, how she’ll be wearing it and how she snapped up her job with Topshop in the first place.

What are you most excited about for the new SS13 season?

This season I’m most excited about re-inventing my summer wardrobe. As you can imagine I have a lot to work with, being a personal shopper, and not enough wardrobe space so I have to keep it in storage. I can’t throw anything away as you never know what trends will come back. I love mixing my new summer finds with my die-hard summer staples that I bring out year after year.

What are the key trends you will be trying out in the new year?

White is a big trend and fresh start after a winter of black. Crisp, clean and minimal, this is the bedrock of not only the pre-summer collections but also the S/S13 catwalks. Wear white simply and play around with interesting silhouettes, exciting accessories and maybe with a retro/70’s inspired look.

Monochrome has been a staple throughout A/W 2012 and this is due to carry on through to S/S 2013 with a graphic parade of artistic patterns and a neon edge but don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour.

Power Prints are another trend I can’t wait to try, bold flirtatious shapes and zingy designs. This is a trend that combines graphic prints with fierce tailoring so consider your accessories. Sunglasses, clutches and heels should be equally as lively, go wild as this trend allows you to be creative and have fun.

List your top 5 picks of the new season?

White blazer; This is a key piece to have for SS13 it works well for all the new summer trends, you could wear it over a graphic shirt or team it with some power print tailored trousers. Why not try a Metallic T-shirt for you modern magpies.  I would go quite bold with the makeup and hair, look at it like a plain canvas, bright orange lips, with a neon nail would really set the white blazer off.

Graphic Shirt; Behold the statement maker, bold colour is huge for ss13 and a shirt is an easy & comfortable way to wear this trend if you are a little unsure, also you can really tailor it to what suits you. there are many interpretations this season, from the 70’s inspired tie die, using bright oranges and deep purples to the monochrome graphic prints with a futuristic modernist twist. A graphic shirt would lift any simple skinny jeans and could be easily worn day or night. Use a colour contrast lipstick and maybe throw in the new man bag another big trend for SS13.

Statement Necklace; Jewellery is a simple and easy way to change the look of a garment. Florals and enamels are big this season, add a hint of sparkle for an extra touch of glam. This season I would go for a short collar necklace, something that sits close to your neck or you can simply rest it on the edge of garments so it looks like actual embellishment rather that a separate piece of jewellery. This would give an expensive and luxury feel to your garment. I would keep the hair sleek and simple if I was wearing a statement collar and depending on the colour of the jewellery I would either clash or keep it very simple with something nude and let the jewellery be the focal point.

Printed Maxi ; This can either be a dress or a skirt, adding length automatically gives toy a glamorous look, it can seamlessly take you from work to play, go for a printed clutch to really take on the power prints, boho hair and a bright lipstick and your good to go

What is your key item from AW12 that will be updating and wearing in a new way for SS13, and how will you be updating it?

My AW12 military boiler suite dress by Unique, I have loved this piece all winter. I teamed it with chunky military boots and my fox fur collar for a hit of glam. This is my fail safe feel good dress and I will be reinventing it for SS13. I’ll be wearing it open and more like a light weight jacket with maybe denim shorts and a crop top underneath. I may even wear it as a dress with bare legs and a chunky sandal or an orange heel to give it a hint of summer. It is far to gorgeous to be hidden away till next winter.


How did you become a Personal Shopper at Topshop?
I have always worked in luxury retail from a young age. I loved the one on one service and really getting to know my clients thus building relationships with them. In turn they become more than just clients, they become your friends and someone that really values your opinion. I have worked for many designer brands all over the country and this really boosted my love for fashion, building outfits, creating looks and watching trends trickle down from designer to the high street. I have never been afraid to experiment with my own image this really came to life when I was studying fashion at the University of Manchester. I think being surrounded with like minded people helps you really explore your creative side. I also believe all of this gave me the necessary repertoire to become a personal shopper and two years ago in Topshop Liverpool my dream came true.

What do you love about your job?

There are many aspects of my job that I love.  Helping people find confidence in their own style is what I find most rewarding. We are all guilty of sometimes being far too safe and stuck in a rut so I find it tremendously satisfying when clients come to me for help in order to revamp their image. I take great joy in seeing a customer leave the personal shopping suite with their new wardrobe and a new lease of life. Life is far too short to play it safe.

How would you describe your style?

I like to base my style around a glamorous statement piece. It has to be sexy and sultry with a Boho edge. For me accessorising is a must but subtly is imperative. My wardrobe is a balance of high street and designer, I believe this to give any discerning fashionista the tools to look fabulous.

Who are your fashion icons? 

Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe – For me they were all iconic women because in my eyes they looked how a woman should. They all possessed a classical and faultless wardrobe shrouded in elegance and finery.

If you could ransack anyone’s wardrobe, who’s would it be?

Oliva Palermo, I’d love to get my hands on her handbags! I feel she effortlessly mixes high street with designer and always looks flawless. I also wouldn’t mind stealing the Olsen twins wardrobe, I love their eclectic style. They’re not afraid to be different and stand out of the crowd.

Which is your current favourite Topshop collection and why?

Arthaus– It is my favourite because of it’s clean futuristic lines and I adore dressing like a modernist. Who wouldn’t want to be sleek and chic whilst combining geometric shapes.

What piece do you always come back to, season after season?

For winter it has to be a fur coat, it will glam up any outfit, and make you feel fabulous. And for summer the maxi dress, this is an effortless must have in any wardrobe, a statement maxi will carry you through all the way to the evening.

What’s your secret style trick?

Statement jewllery. An eye catching piece will bring any outfit to life jewellery seem to lift garment, and can change the entire feel of as look.

What’s the style rule you live by?

To always be preened. If your hair, nails and make-up are perfect then you have the basis to make any outfit will look sharp.

What’s your fashion weakness?

Designer handbags. Once you have your first designer handbag you will understand my weakness.

What’s your favourite Topshop Make Up product?

Topshop Fine Liner, ever since I started to use this it hasn’t left my makeup bag.

What’s your first memory of Topshop?

My first memory of Topshop is feeling like a kid in a candy shop! It gave me one of my many inspirations to pursue a career in fashion. To be honest I still feel like a kid in a candy shop when I walk in now.

Where’s your favourite place to go shopping where you live?

I feel Leeds offers me everything I need for my wardrobe. You have the VQ which is filled with Luxury brands to peruse… Finished off with a cocktail on the fourth floor at Harvey Nic’s of course! It also offers an abundance of high street brands to play with. I am very excited about the new Trinity shopping center to open as I believe it will put our new trinity store firmly on the map of any discerning shopper.

What would your best night out involve? I would always start the night with dinner and the Personal Shopping gang at Blackhouse Grill in Leeds. We would then move on to the beautiful cocktail bar called Maven for a Hendrick’s gin punch bowl… and yes we drink it from tea cups! Then we would end the night on the dance floor of our choice. Bed time comes when the sun starts to show itself…

Where do you like to relax on a Sunday where you live?

Either with my family or my best friends making a roast dinner and watching Sunday TV. We’d usually be laughing/cringing about last nights antics.

 Why should someone book a personal shopping appointment with you?

I have an in-depth knowledge of fashion and current trends. I am honest and forthcoming to any new client and I won’t let them leave until they are truly satisfied with their new look. I believe that after the personal shopping experience a client will realise there is no other way to do your shopping. Who wouldn’t enjoy sipping a glass of fizz whilst we peruse the latest Topshop trends?!

What’s great about the personal shopping service?

If you ever want to try something new or want to know what suits your body shape or simply to make sure you never miss those must have Topshop items then Personal Shopping is for you. We have a list of  complimentary tailored appointments to suit your every need. If your going away for a romantic break or you just need that must have item that you have just seen your fave celeb wearing then we can accommodate you.