Time to get under the blanket and listen closely to this eerie tale. Yesterday, the Topshop crew headed to the preview of Stoker to witness our latest girl crush Mia Wasikowska in her most striking performance so far. Mix up the Victorian Jane Eyre with the poker-faced Wednesday Addams and what you get is the 18-year-old protagonist India Stoker who forces her smiles and has no fear in stepping down the creepiest basement at midnight to get a scoop of vanilla ice cream from the freezer.

“Just as a flower doesn’t choose its colour, we don’t choose what we are going to be.” this ominous phrase is how “Stoker” kicks off and a sense of forboding continues right to the end. After the mysterious death of her father India’s world is turned upside down when her unsettling Uncle Charlie shows up. We don’t want to give anything away but Charlie and India team up for an unsettling series of events that we weren’t expecting.

Directed by Chanwook Park – of the legendary Old Boy – Stoker is a psycho thriller of the best Hitchcockian manner that spreads maximum possible tension with a small group of characters in a limited space. There were plenty of scenes in which we had to dig our nails into the arm of our chairs! In essence it’s beautiful to watch with heightened scenery and brilliant, colorful compositions that counteract the heavy helping of macabre. So, if you’re looking for something unexpected at the cinema, it’s got to be Stoker!

Let us know which bit makes you jump right out of your seat!