The style set are in love with Louise Gray – she’s one of those designers who embodies the fun that has made London Fashion Week a must-visit on the international style calendar! Aptly called “Hey Crazy”, for AW13 Louise sent a collection down the catwalk that was fun and upbeat and yes, totally crazy, but full of separates that girls would love to own. Louise is brilliantly wacky and as always, just as important as the clothes themselves were her accessories, hair and make-up,

Nailing It

“Trashy but chic!” said Katie Jane Hughes of the elongated pale pink nails that were stamped with newspaper print. “The girl is really disheveled but has a real sexy vibe – hence the length, ” said Hughes.

Trashy Beauty

It wasn’t just the nails that were talking trash but the make-up. James Vogel from Art Partner created a look that had just the right amount of dirt. Black eye make-up was caked on lids and false eye lashes were attached for a slightly all-nighter vibe and a sexiness that was rough around the edges. Lips were kept simple with a wash of pink and there’s no doubt more was more when it came to the rest of the look. Louise likes her girl to go go out and have fun which was exactly what this look had written all over it!

Rollers are Right

“Everything I’ve ever been taught about hair,” said stylist Nick Irwin behind this season’s never before seen look, “I’m doing the exact opposite of.” This meant hair that didn’t look washed, didn’t look groomed and put plainly, styled in a trashy and off kilter way. Using silver hair rollers Irwin wrapped up chunks of hair into loose rollers for a look straight from an old ladies’ hairdresser. The hair itself was made to be as greasy as possible but a heavy helping of gel and wax lying n the roots and mouse to really mess things up for a look that although we can’t imagine replicating on the street, we think it tops off another stellar style for Louise Gray.

On The Catwalk

Who… East London’s coolest kids but it was Sarah Mower’s assistant Hannah Lambert who stood out on the front row dressed in an unbelievable full skirt and kitten heels.

The collection in 5 words… One girl’s rubbish is another girl’s treasure!

The girls on the catwalk… A devil-may-care attitude and a love for re-cycling were the only things required.

Playlist… Bestie DJ and music mag editor Hannah Hara chose tracks that made us want to go out dancing!

What we loved… Sellotape bangles, cake tin earrings and plastic bag headpieces from millinery master Stephen Jones. Trust us when we say re-cycling has never looked so chic!

Hero piece… A bell shaped swing coat that really showed off Louise’s amazing eye for creating crazy patterns.

End notes… Barbara Kruger’s defiant art work and New York’s Happening movement was Louise’s starting point which meant her signature love of colour and all things wild was there but with an element of grunge and dirtiness that we haven’t seen from her before.

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