Ever fancied yourself a budding actor or envisioned yourself starring in your favourite film? Us Topshop girls like nothing better than dreaming of ourselves cuddling up to Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine or as one of the Plastics in Mean Girls and thanks to Future Cinema, we can now get seriously close to our top movies.

Ok, so we won’t actually be snuggling with Gosling – I know devastating – but this is a cinematic experience with a difference. It’s London worst kept secret, and for anyone who lives within capital they’ll be sick to death of hearing about the amazingness of Secret Cinema, a.k.a. Future Cinema. It’s the underground phenomenon that immerses its preying audience into the world of classic cinema in a live production. It’s theatre-meets-film-meets something very, very special.

This month we headed down to their latest serving of cinematic entertainment dedicated to the iconic Shawshank Redemption. We were driven in a vintage Americana mini bus to a crumbling school that had been reimagined as a jail and before we knew it we were being forced to change into prison onesies and marched into cells! We don’t want to give too much away but candles were made, contraband beer was bought from a librarian and our mug shots were taken before we were swept away to an old hall plied with pop corm and the film was projected before our eyes. Needless to say the night was jam-packed.

No surprises then that the next Future Cinema might just be even better! This March they’re bringing the sensational 1940s Casablanca to life complete with a Troxy bar, Spanish/North African dinner, the “Blue Parror Café,” courtesy of Moro and some epic Marseillaise music. Don’t dilly-dally, we’re snapping up our tickets now!