The fashion wheel is turning once again and even though our eyes should be firmly on the catwalk, we can’t help but be distracted by the equally stylish sidewalks.

But who’s going to be getting the flashbulbs popping most this season? From bloggers to buyers, assistants to editors, there’s a small coterie of ultra-stylish (and oh-so-photogenic girls) that the street pappers follow around like moths to a flame.

By now we all know who Miroslava Duma is, and we’re more familiar with Hanneli Mustaparta’s legs than we are with our own (it’s been a long winter), but here’s a new crop of girls whose style has us excited for the season to come.

Want to know who they are?

Photo: Wayne Tippetts

Leaf Greener

ELLE China’s Senior Fashion Editor, Leaf Greener has a wardrobe that’s as lush and verdant as her name – possibly more so. She works a pattern clash and a crop top like no one else, and is rarely seen without some variety of wacky shades.

Street style signature: Colour explosion.

Photo: Tommy Ton

Ursina Gysi

Far too cool for her own good, the Swiss-born fashion assistant to Camille Bidault Waddington has an ethereal beauty that is perfectly matched by her 70s-insfluenced, home made wardrobe. Think Stevie Nicks meets Jennifer Connelly-era Balenciaga – nobody else can pull it off like she does.

Street style signature: Centre parting, aloof glare.

Photo by Topshop Tumblr

Anne-Catherine Frey

Boyishly beautiful, this French blogger and designer for the Kooples came to prominence when she became a Tommy Ton stalkee at Paris last season. Rarely seen without a crisp shirt buttoned to the top, some mannish brogues and either a beanie or a bowler hat. Boy meets girl par excellence.

Street style signature: Pageboy haircut, button-down shirt.

Photo: Tommy Ton

Elena Perminova

A leggy blonde model who is always stuck to Mira Duma’s elbow, this Russian oligarch’s wife is a fashion fiend with a penchant for military headgear. A bold and fearless approach to fashion sees her wearing micro bras and macro frills to the shows.

Street style signature: Legs.


Ada Kokosar

A half-Slovenian, half-Italian stylist and fashion consultant with an eye for a strong line and a mannish proportion. Her glossy dirty-blonde mane is the feminine counter-point to her swaddling layers, and her accessories collection is enviably endless.

Street style signature: Oversize coats.

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