WOW, what a party! We always knew that when we eventually reached Tinseltown, we’d do it in style, and thanks to a little help from some of LA’s most fabulous ladies-in-residence, our predictions rang true.

The fun started as soon as we landed, as we hopped into waiting Topshop black cabs to check out the store – it’s our fourth flagship in the States, and it’s bigger and better than anything we’ve done before. 30,000 square feet of fabulous clothes, including the upcoming Lux collection, which LA will be the first store in the world to sell.

The Grove mall was a perfect home from home for the Topshop crew, and we took over the entire place to throw a street party to end all street parties, giving LA residents a proper taste of how we Brits like to party. Along to a blaring soundtrack of DJs spinning fresh beats, there were male models on bicycles providing some welcome eye candy, as well as that plenty of cotton candy, homemade lemonade and Topshop Lucky Gift Cards containing up to $1000 worth of store credit. The crowds had started gathering at a ridiculously early hour to be the first to catch a glimpse of the new store, so we made sure to make it worth their while.

The excited atmosphere reached a peak when Demi Lovato took to the stage to sing ‘Give Your Heart a Break’, which whipped the crowds into a frenzy as the store opened its doors. We stopped to chat to a few of the shoppers as they made their way around the store, and some of them had been planning their shopping list for months!

The night before was nearly as exciting when we piled back into the black cabs to make our way to Cecconi’s, where Sir Philip Green was hosting a soiree to end all soirees to celebrate the launch. Who knew there were so many Topshop fans amongst the legions of actresses, singers and superstars of LA? Not only was our campaign star Kate Bosworth there (looking fabulous in a digi-print cut-out mini-dress), but she was joined by a pregnant Kim Kardashian (who brought her mum, how sweet!), Nicole Scherzinger, Katherine Jenkins, Emma Roberts, Miranda Cosgrove, Julianne Hough and – possibly our favourite – Lionel Richie!

The ever-incredible Solange Knowles worked a Unique look with aplomb, then took to the stage to get everyone dancing. There were plenty of specially created bottles of Topshop Tipple to go around, ensuring the party was rollicking and rolling – most people didn’t leave until 2am!

We didn’t want to leave all our starry new friends and the warm LA sunshine, but now that we’re back in cold rainy Blighty we can take comfort in the fact that we have not only brought Topshop to the excited LA masses, but we also threw a mighty good bash.

Get into the Californian spirit with our video…