After spending so many years watching The Wizard of Oz on rainy Sundays, we are literally standing on the yellow brick road now – not looking for courage, brains or a heart – more dreaming of James Franco a.k.a. Oscar Diggs holding our hand and exploring emerald city and what’s beyond. Oz: The Great & Powerful totally enchanted us and we’re going to share our excitement with 7 reasons why this movie needs to be watched!

1. Oz before Dorothy

Seriously, what came before those red shoes? Well, this is the film to fill you in. How did the “Wizard” become the iconic Wizard of Oz and why did the Wicked Witch of the West get so evil?

2. Alice in Wonderland meets Avatar

Story aside, the look of the movie feels is a heady mix of Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, a Disney fairy tale, and the original Wizard of Oz. Having been filmed entirely on soundstages, director Raimi mentioned that there is no real world location that fits in the Oz universe, so you can imagine – or maybe can’t imagine – the outcome.

3. The creators

The team of filmmakers who brought Oz to life are true magicians. You’ve got maestro Sam Raimi directing. Joe Roth, Grant Curtis (the Spider-Man trilogy), Philip Steuer (the Chronicles of Narnia) producing and Robert Stromberg (Avatar, Alice in Wonderland) is doing the production design. Clearly, when all these talents are together it’s got to be pretty exciting?

4. James Franco

James Franco in a vintage suit with his hair slicked to one side – that’s enough of an argument for us to watch this movie. Try not to faint, ladies.

5. Monochrome to colour

Although the technology is out of this world, the folk behind the scenes were also using a handful of old school techniques to do the special effects. Instead of relying on computers to do the heavy lifting they’re focusing in on the details. Apparently, the transformation of the Wicked Witch of the West took an hour and a half of make-up!

6. Double Trouble

Now we love Michelle Williams taking one role in a movie but having two roles is just spoiling us. We don’t want to give away too much but she’s both a high school sweetheart and the Good Witch as well. Also, the adorable Zack Braff appears in two very different parts!

7. Witches can dress

If there’s one thing us Topshop won’t forget about the film it’s the breathtaking costumes. Rachel Weisz wouldn’t be the witch Evanora without the sequins, the feathers, the lashes, the corsets, the boots and the nails. Mila Kunis – playing the witch Theodora – totally rocked her Puss in Boots look with her amazing red velvet coat and the huge fedora hat. But truth be told, thank the heavens for Michelle Williams – a.k.a. Glinda the Good Witch from the South – who got away with the most wonderful of fairy white prom dresses.

Watch the trailer below and get seriously excited for your trip to the cinema!