Lee Miller, 1930 by Man Ray. Lee Miller Archives © Man Ray Trust

Whether it’s the latest young songstress or one of the incredibly well-dressed ladies at Topshop HQ there’s always a new girl to crush on. Today, however, we’ve been marvelling at photographer Man Ray’s most photographed woman and are completely bowled over by their style. From Helen Tamaris, in a hair style Willow Smith would be jealous of and a sexy kimono jacket we wouldn’t mind ourselves, to his lover, Lee Miller who is striking in her gorgeous black and white profile sporting hair waves to die for, Man Ray had an eye for girls with a little pizazz. Thanks to the National Portrait gallery’s exhibition dedicated to the surrealist snapper our new crushes of the moment happen to be in celluloid form.

Helen Tamiris, 1929 by Man Ray. Centre Pompidou-Musee national d’art modern © Man Ray Trust

One of the most influential and prolific artists of his generation, Man Ray’s exhibition includes over 150 prints that were taken between 1916 and 1968 in America and Paris. What’s amazing about the man is that photography for him was secondary, merely an additional talent to fund his true love of art. The ‘rayographs’ in the show – as Man Ray liked to call them himself – have been borrowed from galleries across the world and it isn’t just striking women on show but also personal portraits of friends – many of whom are stars in their own right. From the novelist James Joyce and writer Virginia Woolf to artists such as Henri Matisse and designer Coco Chanel, Man Ray clearly moved within some very exciting circles. So, if you’re looking for an exhibition with a lot of beauty and a few famous names then head over to the National Portrait Gallery in London and see the ‘rayographs’ for yourself!

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Barbette (Double Exposure), 1926 by Man Ray. The J Paul Getty Museum © Man Ray Trust