Get ready to feel completely electric at Hayward Gallery’s The Light Show. Spanning twenty-five years of mind-bending, boundary-breaking artwork, the curators scoured the shining artists who’d made waves in light-based art and have created an exhibition that radiates pure joy.

This isn’t just walking around a space and staring at flat pictures fixed to walls but a completely immersive experience. There’s towering stacks of fluorescent tubes to circle, tunnels of light to explore and masses of LED fiber-optic like trees to find your way through. Some of our favourites included Cerith Wyn Evans’ S=U=P=E=R=S=T=R=U=C=U=T=R=E that pulses out a message and James Turell’s corridor of light that seemed to expand and dissolve space in one quick swoop.

Another thing us Topshop girls fell for was the use of eye-watering colours. From searing pinks and zingy limes to block primary colours in blues and red. Each room felt like a new outfit was required in the very same hue! We can do nothing but encourage a visit. Whether you want to walk across glowing spaces bare-foot, touch the shining walls or weave yourself inbetween LED strips. It’s a true adventure in light!

Tickets are going fast for the Light Show exhibition so make sure to book up your tickets, here.