Don’t be mistaken by this baby face and cute set of curls, DJ MDMX’s bold choices of electro, techno and hip hop mixes should be taken very seriously.  Sophie – who’s alias on the scene is MDMX – first took to the mixing desk at just 17 and before she knew it was moving to London to induldge in the capital’s wild world of DJs and creative hub of music. We caught up with MDMX and spoke to her about her debut back home in the country side of Paris and how moving to London inspired the evolution of her beats and curly bob.

How did MDMX come to be?

At 17, the age of clubbing, I was captivated by the DJs’ performances. I saved up, bought my first mixer and started spinning records with my dad’s turn table and a CD player. Pretty basic! It was before the internet explosion and the only option presented to me was to teach myself. At 18 I launched my own radio station at University with the exciting mission of putting together playlists, showcasing new talents and promoting musical events. One thing leading to another, I quickly built up a list of contacts in this industry and was doing about three gigs a week. Female DJs were still quite underground then and a girl behind the decks grabbed the attention of promoters.

Was it difficult to find opportunities in the London scene?

My decision to move to London four years ago was impulsive but wise. I knew I needed to make the next step. A bigger city, a different scene. I was excited to trade the commercial clubs for an alternative scene. Everyone likes a bit of challenge, right? I think I was lucky to end up living in East London where the most exciting venues are, from trendy bars and grungy basements to warehouse parties. London’s constantly offering a cutting-edge sound. I adopted the usual method of showing up at bars, emailing promoters and using social media and word of mouth to get connected. 93 Feet East, 1001, Concrete, Vogue Fabrics and Dalston Superstore are a few of the places where you would be lucky to see me spin.

What did you last play?

I play different styles according to the parties and the crowd. I have been mixing a lot of electro which people are responding to very well as well as sounds from the ’80s and ’90s. A good groovy hip hop beat always gives me a good punch but I have lately returned to my first love : techno. Some of my favourite new mixes are the ones below:

Hermitude – Hyperparadise (Flume remix)

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Gesaffelstein remix)

Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees

How you would describe your look ?

I love simple and oversized cuts, sober but stylish. I wear a lot of black when I DJ, maybe because of the dark, I try to keep myself camouflaged. A pair of skinny jeans, platform shoes and a see-through top or tee-shirt will complete my outfit. During the day time, high-waisted jeans and heels will take me anywhere. I don’t accessorize much, a nice gold belt and a statement necklace will be enough to shine throughout the day. My wardrobe’s hottest pieces are from the Boutique Topshop collection.  My favourite item at the moment is the Shawl Coat and the Snake Sweat By Boutique.

So… London forever ?

Oui, oui… Only if French cheese and saucisson become the national dish! I am now 26, still young, and I find it so refreshing and stimulating to evolve within a creative and eccentric environment where everyone  has the freedom to express themselves without being judged. I am not ready to give up on that good feeling at the moment… I feel at home.

Watch out for MDMX in a club near you very soon and follow her on Twitter here. @_MDMX_