Stanley Kubrick: A retrospective

Calling all film and design fanciers! The exhibition of your dreams may just be here. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have joined forces to present the first U.S. retrospective of master director Stanley Kubrick’s prolific 45-year life and career in film.

A Clockwork Orange (GB/United States 1970-71) © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

From Jack Nicholson’s chucking face in The Shining to Malcolm McDowell’s iconic eyelash, we’ve always been fans of Stanley Kubrick’s striking aesthetic. (Even if there have been times we’ve had to watch behind our hands!)

The exhibition is prolific to say the least, giving a clear overview of Kubrick’s vision, his influences and the people and ideas that came together to make his films into modern masterpieces. It’s a magpies dream with annotated scripts, vintage photographs, costumes, camera, set models and props all to feast your eyes upon.

The Shining (GB/USA 1980) © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

And if it’s not for his amazing costumes – that white boiler suit and The Shining’s twins’ dresses stand out for us Topshop gals! – then he can be defined as a pioneer of special effects. There’s cameras galore showing off Kubrick as a director to constantly be on the cusp of technology with new photographic lenses, long tracking sequences and orchestral music (that never ceased to give us goose bumps!).

Photography by Eujin Rhee

While Kubrick will not be remembered as the most productive of filmmakers (he completed just 13 feature films during his 50-year career) he will definitely be remembered as one of the most heroic and experimental. Love him or hate him – he is unquestionably one of the most influential filmmakers of all time and we’re happy to say this exhibition will have you reaching for the complete works on Kubrick on DVD!