Sweet Soul Sister: Leslie Clio

Young, blonde, blue-eyed and with a beautiful voice to boot, Leslie Clio is almost too cute to be true! She writes all her lyrics herself, refuses to have a stylist and with her sunny disposition goes against every cliché of the cold blonde from the high North of Germany.

Photography by Paul White

From looking at those big baby blue eyes, you wouldn’t expect a boldly refreshing artist who has a voice full of drama and emotion. As soon as you start listening to her latest single “I Couldn’t Care Less” you realise that this is a girl who knows what she wants, what she doesn’t and who does things in her very own way.

Born in Hamburg, Leslie moved to Berlin after she graduated in 2010, loving its “poor but sexy” appeal. It was there that she unexpectedly met her producer, Nikolai Potthoff (guitarist of the popular German Indie band Tomte) who was the missing ingredient to her music and helped her create her sound that she describes as “modern Soul-Pop with a touch of retro.”

Together, they created her just-released Album “Gladys“. Why Gladys you may wonder? Well, Leslie just liked the name, that it was short and pretty! This project was like a baby for her, the folder containing the lyrics always called Gladys on her computer. Now that it’s been born, she describes herself as a super proud mum.

Photography by Kate Bellm

Her sound reminds us of Dusty Springfield and Adele but at the same time it’s filled with some flashes of self-assured girly pop, a la Lily Allen. “Everything kind of involves heartache,” says Leslie of her songs but as you’ll find out, it’s as shameless and as direct as a slap in the face!

While there’s always a bit of autobiography in songs about love and relationships, Leslie says she’s not giving the finger to former boyfriends but that she’s just making art, recording the soulful sounds that have been echoing in her head all these years and following her dream.

If you’re anything like us, you won’t be able to stop swinging your hips while you listen to her latest single “I Couldn’t Care Less” and her album definitely gets a special place on our summer play-list ranking.