We can’t remember when ‘prom’ became a regular event here in Blighty- it was probably some time between Molly Ringwald’s Pretty in Pink and the craze for High School Musical – but we have to admit, us Brits have wholeheartedly embraced the American fascination with grand leaving balls and final year dances as our own. You might have already noticed but this season we’re paying more attention to the big day than ever and giving you the chance to win a custom made prom dress of your dreams through Pinterest. Get all the info here!

Need a little inspiration for your custom gown? We’ve made a short list of our favourite prom movies of all time and why we love them…

Pretty in Pink

Ah, John Hughes, you legend. Molly Ringwald is the girl our prom dreams are made of. Whether it was the Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles, we all long to be as colour coordinated and as sassy as her in our everyday lives. But it was her starring turn in that pink spotty number in Pretty in Pink that made our style radar near explode. Shoulder pads just seem so right.

That Episode of Buffy

For those of you who spent your teenage years glued to your television screens watching the endless to-ing and fro-ing of the Buffy and Angel saga – we did! – you probably balled your eyes out when the duo had their ‘goodbye dance’ at season three’s Prom episode. Not only was Buffy wearing a super ‘90s and super slinky lilac number that we loved but she was also awarded a very special award in the form of a tinsel-decorated umbrella. Talk about fashion forward accessories, Buff.

Napoleon Dynamite

You know there’s hope for everyone when Napoleon Dynamite gets to the prom. Fashion aside Preston High School’s prom looks like the ideal setting for such a dance – cute cut-out foil stars, velvet drapes and lots of fairy lights. Deb – played flawlessly by Tina Marie Majorino – was clearly very on trend in her Lily Allen-esque pink dress and sports a Topshop favourite, the statement scrunchie. We reckon, when in doubt thinking about your up coming ball, think What Would Deb Do?

Mean Girls

The pinnacle of Lindsay Lohan’s career and the movie that is oft-quoted around the Topshop office, Mean Girls is up there with the most iconic of high school movies. Naturally, there would be a prom moment and Lindsay’s bomber jacket and plastic tiara combo is simply to die for. The Varsity trend meets Debutante in a couldn’t-care-less fashion favourite look.

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