Popopopops! That’s right, pop! This band does exactly what it says on the tin. Immediately giving away the fun-loving tunes and raise your hands in the air vibe. The Rennes-based electro pop group that formed in 2007 is currently enjoying a tidal wave of praise. Having released their first album Swell to a cacophony of applause, just last week, and scoring 19,400 views so far on YouTube for their first single, Pure, these boys mean business. Victor, Guillaume, Vicent and Simon form our band of the moment with a talent we’ve not seen in a while.

The quartet were innocently performing at a national music celebration La Fête de la Musique when they were spotted by a music professional who brought them to the bigger scene of the Trans Musicales, a prestigious music festival held in their hometown. Before they had time to think the boys were swept up in the international scene (Holland, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, Spain), where they preached their energetic rock with electrifying performances. Heads full of dreams and memories, the band got back to their base in 2011 to write new tunes and record the mysterious alchemy that came together as their album, Swell.

And why the name, Popopopops? It’s dedicated to their favourite song of the same name from the ‘90s rap band NTM. Fed by English pop from the eighties and influenced by American and British artists such as such as Frank Zappa and Jim Morrison, our four young French faces sing in English, so we can better understand their lyrics on love, friends and everything inbetween. When the band is off the scene, they chill at home, clean and go to gigs. Girlfriends..? Our French romantic lovers stay quiet and referred to their perfect date involving an unusual diner on an industrial train rail! Invite us next time?