If there’s one person we think of, when we think of Parisian disheveled chic, it’s model, actress and all around beauty Lou Doillon. The 30 year old fashion icon has become a bit of a name in the fashion industry: all limbs, big mouth and whispy-haired. With director Jacques Doillon as a father and model, movie-star and musician Jane Birkin as a mother — not to mention actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg as a half sister to top it up— the envious Lou Doillon has been famous and gifted for all her adult life without knowing really why. Appearing as muse and model for the likes of Givenchy and Hermes and appeared in a few movies – one of which Un Enfant de Toi was directed by her father last year. This year it’s about to change as the wild child has finally revealed some unadulterated talent in the form of singing and songwriting. Just dipping her toes into the music world, her debut album ‘Places’ is out April 22nd and we’re smitten with this wave of fresh and melancholic tunes.

We spoke to the little brunette with a big husky voice to talk about the simple evolution of her blooming life.

When did you realise you wanted to grow from acting and modelling into music?

When I.C.U. came out… to be able to relate and move people with your own material is a blessing I had never felt before.

Who has been the most inspiring musical person in your life?

This has to be Leonard Cohen.

Where does your song writing inspiration come from?

From a need to put words on grief…when writing my diary wasn’t enough and when I realised that sharing pain brought out great joy.

What’s your instrument of choice?

Acoustic guitar – a Guild.

What are the challenges or positives of being from such a successful family?

The great advantage is to have been raised by people who love their work and who have never been frightened to share. To have a father who believes that communication is the bravest and most beautiful thing in life. The disadvantage is a slight lack of room…

How does song writing differ from modelling?

The common point is the art of letting go. The benediction of doing your own music is letting go in your own creative world. And it’s done alone.

How have you found performing and singing live?

The greatest joy to be able to share and relate to personal feeling with so many and to feel that you’re relating to their own is a blessing. You feel part of humanity.

What music are you listening to at the moment and what artists do you look up to?

Listening a lot to XTC for their perfusion of ideas in one song. And I look up to any artist that feels honest.

How would you describe your own style?

I don’t! And that is my style!

Where are your favourite places to go when you’re in London?

For nostalgic reasons, Kings Road.