Fancy seeing Marlon Brando grinnning with theatrical devilishness on the set of The Godfather, a 14-year old Jodie Foster posing Lolita-like behind the scenes at Taxi Driver or how about Muhammad Ali showing off his best hook in his personal lounge? Well then you probably need to take a look at photography icon Steve Schapiro.

Schapiro is the man behind countless now-classic portraits of rock stars, artists, film makers, actors and politicians from the 1960s onwards. But not only did he manage to convince such famous folk to pose for him but he captured them in their prime: Robert F. Kennedy during his presidential campaign, Marlon Brando on the set of The Godfather, Andy Warhol and his muse Edie Sedgwick in The Factory. We could go on!

Want to see them in the flesh? A retrospective of Schapiro’s work is on show at the Kunsthalle Rostock, Museum of Modern Art in Germany until May 5 and we think you should go! With 160 photographs -many of them recently published for the first time in Schapiro’s book of the same name – you can guarantee there’ll be something that’ll make you fall in love with!

When Schapiro started shooting in the sixties – the golden age of photojournalism – starting off shooting migrant workers in Arkansas, drug addicts in East Harlem and freedom bus riders and before he knew it he was photographing Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy for his Presidential campaign. Whether shooting a celebrity or an anonymous person Schapiro is always searching for that perfect moment. It’s not just his famous portraits of celebrities but also the diversity of his subjects that make him one of the most influential photographers in America. So whether you want to be enamoured by icons or want to soak up a little real life history then you’ll be eagerly impressed.

Don’t wait, get tickets for the exhibition here.