Last week, we were lucky enough to find ourselves at the Blue Bottle Coffee Shop at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. While us Topshop girls had heard great things about their coffee we had no idea about their art-inspired cakes so you can imagine our excitement when we laid eyes on a piece of Mondrian cake. Yes, a perfectly formed blue, red and yellow Mondrian cake!

Piet Mondrian’s Composition (No. III) with Red, Yellow, and Blue 1935–42, SFMOMA

Inspired by the amazing modern art at the museum, Caitlin Freeman, the coffee shop’s pastry chef decided to put her dessert-making skills to the test! From Frida Kahlo inspired Mexican wedding cookies to a Cindy Sherman ice cream and sorbet float, Caitlin has quite literally created her own collection of edible masterpieces. We just love that you can go look at a work of art and then once your feet get weary, enjoy it alongside a coffee!

Sherman Ice Cream Float Photography by Clay McLachlan
Cindy Sherman’s Untitled #41, 2004Roy Lichtenstein’s Rouen Cathedral Set V (detail), 1969, SFMOMA

The best thing is that if you fancy yourself a baker-stroke-artist, you can get your hands on her truly beautiful book Modern Art Desserts: Recipes for Cakes, Cookies, Confections, and Frozen Treats Based on Iconic Works of Modern Art. We had to buy one of course and plan to astound our friends the next time we bake with a Roy Lichenstein polka dot sponge cake!

Lichtenstein Cake Photography by Clay McLachlan
Roy Lichtenstein’s Rouen Cathedral Set V (detail), 1969, SFMOMA

Once we’ve mastered the art of that and we know it may take us more than one attempt, there are another 29 to keep us busy! Cooking and art class all in one go – how cool is that?