Got a few minutes to procrastinate? Jean Francois Lepage’s fashion photography exhibition is a dream that you could easily loose yourself in for hours. It stunned us Topshop girls and had us thinking about his images for days!

‘Memories from the Future’, © Jean-François Lepage

As part of the International Fashion and Photography Festival 2013 for European creatives held in the fabulous French sea-side town of Hyères, Lepage’s retrospective exhibition perfectly entitled Memories from the Future showcases about thirty wonderful photographs full of bold colors and strong graphic elements that distort the beauty of the models in them and make your eyes pop!

Summed up as surrealism meets mystery, the French photographer uses extreme light and standout colors and as we stepped into the stoned arched room where this exhibition took place, we realised that the historical space built in the ‘20s perfectly complemented the motionless frozen atmosphere of Lepage’s work.

‘Memories from the Future’, © Jean-François Lepage

At Topshop, we are lovers of extreme fashion and adored his bare photographic composition. From motionless models in a moon like landscape to frozen doll-like faces with pale complexions and bright wigs, we’ve not been able to stop thinking about Lepage’s flawless looking creatures since we laid eyes on them.

Everything is done so carefully in order to create the impression that the subjects of Lepage’s images are both static and breathing and that’s precisely their beauty. You know that the model is posing but you soon forget that! You see, Lepage’s vision is far from glamorous, his style uncanny, almost eerie but it is this, his perception of beauty that makes his work so breathtaking.

If you’ve never come across the work of Lepage within the fashion world (working for brands like Nina Ricci, Comme des Garçons and Dior over a 20 year career), try and head to the Villa of Noailles in this pretty French town before his exhibition ends at the end of May.

‘Memories from the Future’, © Jean-François Lepage