Les Années Lolita with Vanessa Paradis by ©Pierre Terrasson

You may know Vanessa Paradis for her striking figure and gap-toothed pout in front of the camera but we’d like to introduce you to the side of her that’s all about music. It’s been more than twenty years since this gorgeous Frenchie hit the charts at the tender age of 14 with her debut single Joe Le Taxi and this month she’s back for more.

Whether it’s music, modelling or general musing, Paradis captivates her audience in whatever her guise. The ‘80s teen idol, singer, model and actress is currently in the spotight with a brand new album release as well as a previously unseen photo exhibition dedicated to  her willowy teenage years.

Paradis isn’t one to overshare in her private life  (yes, we all know who her ex-hubby is!) but she’s voracious when it comes to talking about music. Her new album Love Songs proves it with 20 poppy and romantic tunes in which she waxes lyrical on romance and heart-shaped promises. There’s even a stirring duo with The Libertines Carl Barat about, yes you guessed it, all things love that is undeniably our favourite. We caved. This album is an absolute must-have for all us Topshop girls.

But it’s not just her sweet vocals we envy but her edgy boho look and innate rock ’n’ roll cool. Photographer Pierre Terrasson knew exactly how to capture her essence back in the ‘80s when 15 year-old Paradis posed in her teenage bedroom full of posters of James Dean and was snapped her hanging out recording her first album. For a look back at Paradis as this beautifully awkward teen look no further than Paris’ Sparts gallery which is currently showing Les Années Lolita, 30 previously unpublished black and white photographs taken of Paradis in her teens.

Whether you love her as model, muse or musician, make sure you listen to her latest track Love Song and tell us what you think.